99 Ranch Market
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    Our Story
    99 Ranch Market, also known as Tawa Supermarket, was established in 1984 by Mr. Roger Chen. As a Taiwanese immigrant, he noticed a cultural gap in the typical American supermarket where he saw a need for an Asian supermarket in surrounding communities. He filled that gap and thus, the very first 99 Ranch Market was born. Our company slogan, “For 100, we try harder” demonstrates our commitment to always provide the best products and services to the communities we serve. “Ranch Market” represents freshness and symbolizes our promise to deliver the freshest products. With the support of our loyal customers, hardworking employees, and supportive vendors, we have grown to become one of the largest Asian supermarket chains with 54 stores across 10 states. Looking towards our bright future, we are determined to take our company to the next level and provide more convenience and value for our customers. By implementing new technologies and solutions, we now offer online shopping, in-store pick-up, and same-day delivery services (selected stores only). In order to introduce the diversity of Asian food culture, we’ve launched a new modern “Eat Up” food court at all new store locations.

    Our vision is to present the most unique and popular Asian eateries as it will be incorporated into future stores. With our new expansion strategy and efforts in our current cross-generational transition, 99 Ranch Market hopes to continue growing its footprint across the country. Our success in the supermarket industry has made us more than just a typical grocery chain store as we have become closely associated with Asian American communities. 99 Ranch Market strives to give back and enrich lives with various community involvement programs. We are proud to become the “Gateway to Asia” and provide opportunities for mainstream American families and global customers to experience the authentic flavors of Asian cuisines.
    Our Mission
    Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices while offering a superior shopping experience that's achieved by our effective distribution and merchandising of Asian and American products, strong relationships with local vendors, and our passion for our customers.