Special Gifts This Mother’s Day

Hey, what gift do you have in mind for this mother’s day?

Carnations? Come on, be more creative this time

Take mom out for dinner? Hmm, she probably will blame for wasting money again

I got an idea, just DIY a nice meal at home!

Now, Summer’s here and the temperature is rising (Jon Snow disagrees)

Let’s take good care of our moms  


Here are some Summer dish ideas

Unless you are a master chef, we recommend you to practice before the big day


-Coconut chicken soup

Add the cooked chicken into a fresh coconut, then boil them together. The tender meat and rich coconut juice are great for skin and health

-Kombu with braised beef soba

This very flavorful dish combined with sweet and sour seasoning really brings the best out of soba noodles. Yummy~    

-Mango and passion fruit slush

Well, there is always room for dessert especially on Mother’s day. How about use the on season fruits Mango and passion fruit to make a icy slush? Super easy super juicy    


So, what do you think?  

Let 99 Ranch Market help you with your grocery list

Everything you need all the above dishes can be purchased at your local store

In addition, we offer a special discount for the limited edition Mother’s Day $99 gift card

You can get it now for $97!

Wish all moms a lovely day ahead 💖SPECIAL GIFT FOR THIS MOTHER’S DAY

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