Mother’s Day Kids’ Drawing Contest Awards Ceremony

San Gabriel, CA, May 2019 – 99 Ranch Market’s annual Mother’s Day Kids Drawing Contest will host its Awards Ceremony on May 19th at San Gabriel Focus Plaza.

After a month of hard work from the young contestants, our stores across 5 states (California, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and Texas) had received almost 1,000 pieces of artwork. All drawings contain an infinite amount of creativity and represent kids’ deepest love for their moms. Therefore, in our minds every kid is already a winner of the contest!

This year’s drawing theme is to design 2020’s 99 Ranch Market Mother’s Day limited edition gift card, we encourage kids to express their love for family in both drawing and writing! Since we included the East Coast regions in the contest for the first time, we increased the total number of prizes to 120. On top of that only one artwork will be selected as the design for the gift card next year, the final result will be revealed at the ceremony.

The year of 2019 also marks the 35th anniversary of 99 Ranch Market. We’d like to take this opportunity to showcase our appreciation for customers and communities’ long term support. Thus, with the help of our sponsors, we have prepared lots of fun activities and free giveaways at the ceremony. There will also be a huge “surprising attraction” on site waiting for you to find out!

Lastly, special thanks to our generous sponsors of the Mother’s Day Kids Drawing Contest. They are Tawa Charitable Foundation, iMei, Nongshim, WuMu, ChiMei, Lee Kum Kee, Growland, Ve Wong, Jin Jin, Torto, Synear, Yuki/Love, Binggrae, H&N Group, and TKN.

最新資訊/活動, 新聞稿 | 28 5 月, 2019