As April is the month of growing, we are also growing in more ways than you think. Shining a light on our corporate social responsibility, we have partnered with Southern California Edison (SCE) to make our supermarkets environmentally friendlier!

In 2018, SCE helped us upgrade our light fixtures to new energy efficient LED lights. In turn, we also upgraded our open-front refrigeration systems by installing motion sensor lights, energy-efficient enclosed cases. By making these necessary changes, we are proud to say that we have reduced our use of energy by over 411,000 kilowatt-hours! With our brightly lit refrigerators, shoppers can enjoy temperature control and overall shopping experience.


Today, we are working with SCE more closely to develop a variety of different energy efficient strategies and projects that would help not only us, but also the surrounding communities that we serve. We hope that by taking the necessary steps to create a more environmentally conscious supermarket, we can reduce the strain on our environment and influence other supermarkets to do so.

Not only are we trying to reduce our carbon footprint, we are also taking the initiative to end hunger and food waste. By combining these initiatives together, we are able to fight food waste by donating food to end hunger and visa versa. Just last year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded 99 Ranch Market the regional award for sustainable retail commitment and food recovery achievements. A great example of this is our 99 Ranch Market Rowland Heights location. Their food recovery program consists of food donations and recycling. Our Rowland Heights store donates grocery and produce items, via Feeding America, that are nearing their best-by dates, including canned goods, in addition to fruit such as papayas, plums, apples, melons and bananas.


Our achievements in sustainability have been a notable milestone in our 35 years of servitude. We hope to continue serving our surrounding communities as a model for ending hunger, energy efficiency, and reducing food waste.

99 Ranch - Happy Earth Day

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