Soybean paste and daikon stew fish paste

Soybean paste and daikon stew fish paste


Daikon12 oz
Fish paste8 oz
Preserved Turnip2 oz
Soybean paste1 tablespoon
Shallot slices, chop garlic

a few

Celery3 (Cut into 2 inches long)


Water1 cup
Soy sauce1 teaspoon
Sugar½ teaspoon
Sesame oila little
Cornstarch¼ teaspoon add cold water


1. Fish paste, add a little orange peel grain, green onion, pepper, sesame oil and mix well.

2. Heat up the wok, put fish paste in it, crushed it into fry fish cake, then cut into thick strips ready to use.

3. Daikon peeled, cut into thick strips. Cut preserved turnip into thick strips. Heat up wok, add shallot slices, garlic, soybean paste and saute, add daikon and preserved turnip stir fry a while, add water and seasonings, medium heat cook for 8 minutes, then add fish strips, celery, cover and cook for 2 minutes, open the lid, thicken with cornstarch water, ready to serve.


1. The purpose to add orange peel, green onion, pepper, sesame oil into fish paste is to get rid of fishy and taste better.

2. Daikon can reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, diuretic, hangover effects, taste sweet and refreshing, and add soybean paste can taste better.

Recipe and Photo developed by Master Chef James Leung