Pine nuts sweet and sour sauce fried croaker

Pine nuts sweet and sour sauce fried croaker


Yellow Croaker1 (around 1 lb)
Frozen vegetable grain2 oz
Pine nuts1 oz


Ketchup4 tablespoons
White vinegar1-1/2 tablespoon
Water3 tablespoons
Salt ¼ teaspoon
Sugar2 tablespoons
Cornstarch½ teaspoon add 1 tablespoon water 



1. Unfreeze and rinse yellow croaker, cut three lines on the back of it, wipe it dry, apply a small amount of salt, pepper, sesame oil and marinate for 20 minutes to make it tasty.

2. Unfreeze and rinse frozen vegetable grains and boil them for a while, finally drain them.

3. Mix well all seasonings in a small bowl and put aside.

4. Place a small amount of cornstarch on the yellow croaker. Put it into the heated up wok with oil, fried until turn to golden, set into dish.

5. Fry vegetables grains, add sauce until it boiled and then add cornstarch with water, spread over the fried fish and finally add pine nuts

Chef's tips:

1. Cut three lines on the back of yellow croaker in order to make fish more tasty and quick to cook.

2. Put pine nuts into oven and medium heat (325 F) to grill till turn to golden, better taste.

Recipe and Photo developed by Master Chef James Leung