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BF Bakery, located inside most 99 Ranch Markets, boasts fresh breads and pastries – baked daily. We offer a wide selection of baked goods ranging from sweet to savory and everything in between! BF Bakery is perfect for anyone who is on the go offering a quick convenient alternative for breakfast or even lunch. A wildly popular staff and customer favorite is our Portuguese Egg Tart! Similar to a Chinese “dan ta” (蛋挞), BF Bakery’s Portuguese Egg Tart is carefully crafted to perfection! 

Our Portuguese Egg Tart features an iconic caramelized browned top that is simply delicious! Order them individually or even get them by the dozen! If you ever had the pleasure of trying these heavenly tarts, you’ll definitely know that they are in a league of their own. These make a great little dessert that will be sure to settle that after-meal sweet tooth! The egg tarts feature a golden flakey outer crust holding a creamy custard center blistered on top from the high heat of the oven. It is the perfect combination of a crusty flaky puff pastry and creamy luscious custard filling!

Ready to try these yet? Our Portuguese Egg Tarts can easily be purchased a la carte or you can get a whole box to take home! Don’t forget to pair with our fresh made milk tea, boba milk teas, and regular teas. Next time you head over to 99 Ranch Market, don’t forget to check out BF Bakery to try out our most popular pastry and put a smile on your face! 

Pro tip: You can rack up your rewards points at the bakery too. Don’t forget to scan your rewards card or enter your phone number! 

BF Bakery位於大多數大華超市內,每天都有新鮮的麵包和糕點出爐。我們提供廣泛的烘焙食品選擇,從甜味到鹹味,以及介於兩者之間的口味。BF Bakery是適合想來快速方便一餐的人的好選擇。其中最受員工和顧客歡迎的是我們精心製作的——葡式蛋撻!



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