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Swai may be unfamiliar to some, and many may even ask: is that a name for a kind of fish?




Swai may be unfamiliar to some, and many may even ask: is that a name for a kind of fish? Swai is not a specific name for a fish but it is used to define any white-fleshed freshwater fish. That being said, Swai Fillet is a fillet that comes from white-fleshed freshwater fish, such as  the more well-known Vietnamese catfish or Basa fish. The texture of the fish is firm, and since it is freshwater the taste is more neutral compared to saltwater fish and takes very well to flavors. 


Swai contains high levels of vitamin B12, niacin (also known as B3), and selenium (a key player in metabolism). The wonderful thing about the neutral flavor of Swai Fillet is that it absorbs flavors so well. It makes cooking with it so much fun! You can marinate it or season it with your favorite sauces. Swai Fillet can be pan-fried, deep-fried, baked, grilled, or cooked in soup! A favorite home remedy when feeling under the weather is adding Swai Fillet to porridge when you want something simple in taste, but nutritional too. 

An easy and creative way to make Swai Fillet is baking it in parchment paper. All you need is an oven, parchment paper, thawed Swai Fillet, and any vegetables you’d like to add to the dish, such as sliced button mushrooms, zucchini, or string beans, as well as the spices and seasonings you’d like to top the dish with, before folding the parchment paper like a closed envelope to bake. This simple way of cooking the fish makes it so flavorful because the steaming process that goes on inside the parchment paper allows the fillet to soak up all the flavors. However, be careful when opening the parchment paper after removing from the oven- the steam released will be very hot! Look up “Fish en Papillote” or “Fish in Parchment” for more recipes, and grab all the ingredients you will need at your nearest 99 Ranch Market today!  


Swai魚種富含維生素B12,菸酸(也被稱為B3)和硒(幫助新陳代謝的關鍵元素)。Swai魚片的溫和味道能很好地吸收料理中的各種味道。它讓烹飪變得非常有趣! 你可以把它調製醬料將它醃製起來或者用你喜歡的調味粉來調味。Swai魚片可以煎、油炸、烘烤、炭火烤,或是煮湯!當你感覺不舒服的時候,很多人會在粥中加入Swai魚片,味道簡單清淡但又富有營養。