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Bok choy is one of the most iconic and classic vegetables in the Asian family food tree.





Bok choy is one of the most iconic and classic vegetables in the Asian family food tree. It’s old too: scientists have even discovered bok choy seeds along the Yangtze river that are six thousand years old! Although originally classified as its own species by renowned Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus, bok choy is so closely related to napa cabbage, field mustard, and even turnips that they are now all considered subspecies within the species Brassica Rapa.

The common western name for this plant originates from its Cantonese name Baak Choi, or literally “white vegetable”. While some varieties have larger or smaller green leaves (Shanghai Bok Choy is almost entirely leaf), the white stem of the plant can vary from a flash of white at the base of the bulb to a massive stalk taking ownership of most of the plant. In fact, some stems grow so big that, when separated from the base, are reminiscent of a Chinese soup spoon!

Bok Choy has been touted as medicinal in China for generations, being used to treat coughs and colds, as well as minor cuts when ground into a paste. It’s not hard for us to see why; with it’s high fiber and micronutrient content, Bok Choy provides a nutritive boost to the diet that would be a benefit for everyone and anyone. 

You can use bok choy in your favorite soups, stews and stir frys, or anywhere you would typically use chard or kale, to give the dish a more Asian flair. Of course, you can always use it in Taiwan’s classic dish, beef noodle soup (***create link to this week’s meat article***)! Buy regular bok choy for a hearty stalk and strong flavor, baby bok choy for a tender green that’s perfect for salads, or shanghai bok choy for a longer leaf and a lighter flavor. 

Using bok choy in your food is an adventure that can last a lifetime – why not start today? Grab some bok choy at a 99 Ranch location near you, or shop at www.99ranch.com : just be sure to select “local delivery” instead of “ship it” to ensure we can provide you with perishables. Happy cooking!

青江菜是亞洲家庭中最具代表性的蔬菜之一。其年代悠久,科學家們曾在長江沿岸發現了六千年前青江菜的種子!青江菜最初曾被瑞典著名植物學家Carl Linneaus歸類為與大白菜,芥末和蘿蔔為同一物種,現在則被認定與Brassica Rapa為同類。

青江菜常見的西方名稱起源於其廣東話的發音“Baak Choi”,其字面意思是「白色的蔬菜」。雖然有些品種有較大或較小的綠葉,但主體還是以白莖為主,所以以此得名。其白莖讓人容易聯想到中國的湯勺,不虧是最具亞洲特色的蔬菜呢!