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Pickup FAQs

Your order will be ready on the day and time that you placed your groceries for pick up. 

You will receive an email confirming your order after payment and another email when your order is ready for pick up. Please look out for the Ready For Pick Up email.

At this time, in-store pick up is void or any promotional offers, as items are all matched at in-store prices.

The Super Rewards Card is applicable for in-store pick up purchases. You may enter your Super Rewards before check out or via your customer account profile. Please refer in-store or contact our Customer Service for details about the Super Rewards Card program.

Some items are priced differently by region or store due to manager's specials, which are exlusive to that store only. We cannot price match on these items - your items are matched with the in-store price of the day of your order pick up.

We will hold your order until the store closes. Please call your designated pick up store should you be unable to pick up your order.

Your order can only be picked up at the designated Online Order Pick Up section at the Customer Service Counter.

Yes! You can designate another individual to be your pickup person during checkout. This person must show their I.D. and inform our staff of the order number or show the Order Ready For Pick Up email.

If you never received an order confirmation email, then your order did not successfully go through. Please check your payment method.

If you never received an order ready for pick up email, please call the designated pick up store. Usually, the lack of an order ready for pick up email means the store is still in the process of fulfilling the order.

In order to best accomodate your order, we impose a courtesy authorization charge in the event your final order charge turns out to be higher due to reasons such as weight discrepancy, stock, and requested chnages. This practice is standard in hospitality and lodging industries. For example, when placed, your order may have totaled $12.00. With the courtesy authorization however, you may see $14.00 pending on your bank statement instead of $12.00. This charge will change back to $12.00 after your order is completed by our store and ready for pick up, unless your order ended up costing more. If you end up cancelling or having refunds/adjustments made to your order, it may take 3 - 5 business days (or more, depending on your financial institution) for the authorization to be removed.

The Designated Pick Up Person must present a valid photo ID in addition to informing the Customer Service of their Order Number or showing their Order Ready For Pick Up email to the staff present.

If you don't see an item that you are looking for available under our in-store pick up, the item hasn't been added to our online selection yet. The item may be available in-store, though. You can check with Customer Service when you go to pick up your order.

To cancel your order, please contact your designated pick up store at least 1 hour in advance of your scheduled pick up time. If cancellation is made less than 1 hour before pick up time or after the pick up time, the $4.99 service charge (if applicable) is non-refundable

In the event that your order isn't available when you go in-store for pick up, it may be possible that the order is still being processed. If this, however, is not the case, or if you would not like to wait, please ask the staff at the Customer Service Counter to cancel your order and refund you.

Our in-store pick up is a newly launched service. With any new launch, the service is usually piloted (tested) in a specific region for a period of time before a wider roll out to other stores. Our service is currently limited to a restricted amount of stores for this purpose. Please stay patient with us if your store is not yet available.

You will be refunded in full for your order by the end of the next business day if your order wasn't picked up. You will receive a refund email notice confirming the transaction. Please note that the $4.99 service charge (if applicable), is non-refundable.

Unfortunately, you cannot change your designated store after placing your order. If you are unable to pick up the order at the set store, please call the store at your earliest convenience to cancel the order.

No, you cannot. Our in-store pick up is soley for customers who are able to come in and physically pick up the order. Our stores do not and will not pack your order for you and ship it out. You can shop our regular online shop, but perishable items will not be available.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make time or date adjustments after an order has been placed. If you cannot pick up your order immediately, please know that all orders are held until the end of the store's business day. If you cannot make for the day in question, please contact the store to have your order cancelled.

Any returns must be made at the Customer Service Counter of the designated store in which the order was placed for only. The return policy will follow the in-store policy. You must present your Order Invoice as the receipt.

The Pick Up Fee is a service fee we charge for our in-store pick up service. The fee helps make it possible for us and our stores to provide you this convenient, easy to use pick up service, covering costs for items such as dry ice, packaging, and such. 

You are unable to select because the order window capacity is either 1) full or, 2) closed. Please try a different time or different date.

Because your payment amount has already been captured, we cannot add any new items to your order. However, we can change the quantity of an existing item (pounds or quantity) in your order, provided the order hasn't already been fulfilled yet. Should you require a new item to your order, you can either place another order or pay for your additionally requested items separately in-store.

We have dry ice packs and a refrigeration set up to keep these items fresh throughout the business day.

No, you cannot. Our in-store pick up is only for orders placed online for in-store pick up. Our store(s) will not keep items for you in our refrigeration or holding area reserved for online orders.

Unfortunately, like with our online shopping, our website's card authorization module does not accept international or internationally issued credit cards of any kind. Our store locations are not set up the same way as our website is. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please be aware that our website only accepts American issued and/or billed credit cards.

Please be advised that like with many credit cards, any attempted card use will likely result in one (or multiple) pending authorization charge(s). These charges are not actual deductions and will disappear within 3 - 5 business days (possibly longer), depending on your card company or financial institution.

We place restrictions to ensure that you can receive the best quality cuts on certain perishables while reserving limits on other items due to promotions or limited quantities.

We try our best to match the pounds you have ordered for your perishable items. However, it is not always possible to match the exact poundage due to variation in packaging and cuts. Thus, on ocassion, you may receive less or more than what you have ordered. Our fulfillment team will fulfill weighted items within 0.25 pounds more or less of your ordered poundage. You will be credited for the difference in items less in weight and will be charged accordingly for items more in weight. Please note that your order invoice will notate your original ordered poundage as well as what was actually fulfilled by the store.

Please contact your designated pick up store or call our Customer Service at 1 (800) 600 - 8292. The item(s) will just be omitted from your order and you won't be charged for them.

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