Pre-Order Thanksgiving Combo Meals!

As the fourth Thursday of November in 2019 is approaching, we all know that Thanksgiving is now right around the corner. A traditional celebration that has been carried on for generations, Thanksgiving is the most important holiday for Americans. It is meaningful as Lunar New Year to the Asians. On this day, friends and family gather together to celebrate and enjoy a fantastic meal.

During this wonderful holiday season, 99 Ranch Market stores in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State are now presenting you with the Thanksgiving Meal Combo 2019. There are two choices can be made based on your party size. Meal Combo A serves 10-12 persons for $218.88/set, while a small portion Meal Combo B serves 6-8 persons for $168.88/set. (All Prices are pre-tax)

Additionally, you can also order Roasted Turkey individually for only $51.88/ea +TAX. Turkey comes with Gravy and Stir-Fried Noodle or Gua Bun (12 pieces). Please place your order two days in advance for preparation. Don’t miss out on the best choice for a family gathering! Please place your order at our hot deli department 2 days in advance. (All Meals limited to small size trays (11”x10”x2.5”) Only)

99 Ranch Market wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving! For more details, please visit any of our stores located in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington state. We are looking forward to seeing you here!