My Dad Doesn’t Like Grocery Shopping

My dad doesn’t like grocery shopping.

During the weekend, he’d rather stay at home to watch sports or read newspapers with a cup of tea. Grocery shopping is neither exciting nor relaxing. He doesn’t like the crowded parking lots, he doesn’t like the process of picking and comparing items, he doesn’t like the wait at the checkout.

When I was little if I had to go to grocery shopping with my mom, we were always prepared ahead, wandered through every single aisle and left with a full cart of products. If it was with my dad, the whole process was like a speeding contest, he pinpointed the items he needed precisely and checkout in 10 minutes.  

Despite all that, when there is a special request from the family, my dad would always put down the remote control or newspapers, grab the car key, drive to 99 Ranch and return home with the garlic requested by mom or my sister’s favorite yogurt drink shortly.  

Indeed, my dad doesn’t like grocery shopping, but his love for his family made every trip more “enjoyable.”

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