Mooncake Special Introduction

Ready for the Full Moon on the Mid-Autumn Festival? The ancient Chinese holiday celebrates the family reunion and season of harvest. 99 Ranch Market proudly presents the various kinds of delicious mooncake products as our way of sharing our goodwill and joy with all our customers. Whether you like the traditional mooncakes with red bean, lotus seed, mix nuts, or egg yolk pastes or the trendy ones like ice cream mochi, lava yolk, purple yam, you can find them all at your local 99 Ranch. 


I-Mei is the leading mooncake brand from Taiwan; its products like Egg Yolk Gift Set, Oriental green bean cake, and Taiwan Scenery Mooncake Gift Set are very popular amongst our customers. The egg yolk mooncake comes with either Date or Walnut paste. It demonstrates the perfect combination of every ingredient: the golden crispy puff pastry shell, the savory taste of the egg yolk and the sweet taste of date or walnut. The green bean cake may look plain from the outside but the inner paste is full of flavor! Take one bite and feel the green bean paste melt on the tip of your tongue. It makes a great afternoon-tea snack. 


Don’t forget to bring a mooncake gift set when you visit your friends and families during this holiday season. Brands like Lily and TTJ both introduced the gift set with the name of CHI XING BAN YUE, meaning seven stars surrounding the moon. You probably have guessed right already that there are 8 pieces of mooncakes of different flavors in the very nicely presented gift box. The whole gift set is priced less than $40, what a great price! If you are looking for a smaller set, you can also check out Lily’s Egg Yolk with Lotus Seeds gift set, TTJ’s Jing Chiu gift set, and more. 


In recent years, the Lava Custard Paste mooncake has been successfully taking all the headlines of the mooncake introductions: when you cut it open, the golden egg yolk just flows down from the middle. Lava is a vivid description of that fluid egg yolk paste. 99 Ranch Market not only carries the most popular Maxim Lava Custard mooncake but also offers more budget-friendly selections, like TTJ Lava Purple Yam and Lily Lava Durian flavors. If you are a mooncake fan, make sure to visit your local 99 Ranch Market today for great selections and great prices.     

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NEWS & EVENTS | August 28th, 2019