Mooncake Season Is Upon Us! Grab Yours Today At 99 Ranch Market!

Can you believe that it is going to be the Mid-Autumn Festival already? This traditional age-old Chinese holiday is meant to celebrate family togetherness and the season of harvest. Here at 99 Ranch Market, we proudly showcase a variety of tasty mooncake products as our way of sharing this joyous holiday with all our customers. From gift sets to a wide array of unique flavors, you can find all of your favorite mooncakes at your local 99 Ranch Market or online at 

Mei is the leading mooncake brand from Taiwan, producing delicious cakes and beautiful gift sets for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, their finest mooncake products include gift sets like the traditional Egg Yolk Mooncake but with a flavorful twist! You can get the I-Mei’s Egg Yolk Mooncake in flavors like date and walnut. Other must-have flavors include taro, red bean, and green bean!  The Green Bean Mochi Cake is set to make waves! While it looks like your classic mooncake, the inner paste is full of mouthwatering flavor! You’ll take one bite and feel the green bean mochi paste just melt in your mouth! Perfect to pair with afternoon tea or just a sweet snack! 

If you’re visiting friends and family this Mid-Autumn Festival, don’t forget to bring a mooncake gift set – nothing shows appreciation for family reunion like a mooncake gift set! This year, TTJ introduces their JING CHIU gift set, which translates to “golden autumn.” This set comes with 8 pieces of mooncakes in three different flavors. Not only that, some of the TTJ classic mooncake flavors come with not one, but TWO savory egg yolks in the middle! What’s even better is that there’s no wrapping necessary as the mooncakes come in a beautifully designed box. 

The ever-trending, Lava Custard Mooncake is making its way back into the Mid-Autumn Festival this year with new different flavors. The Lava Mooncake is exactly what it sounds like! The moment you slice the mooncake open, a golden egg yolk paste just oozes down the middle. Not only is this visually stunning, it is also very tasty! TTJ is making headlines with their lava mooncakes that come in flavors such as the classic Lava Custard, Purple Yam, Durian, and Assorted Fruit. We encourage you to browse in store at your local 99 Ranch Market or online at for our vast selection of mooncakes, gift sets, and more for the best prices out there! 

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