Mooncakes are Available Now

The Moon Festival is one of the most significant festivals in the Chinese community. During the Moon Festival, friends and family gather together to enjoy mooncakes and each other’s company.

I-Mei is one of the leading brands of mooncake manufacturers from Taiwan. It produces various classical products such as mung bean cakes, egg yolk cake, and mini mooncakes.

“Wing Wah” is one of the most authentic mooncake shops in Hong Kong. It has upheld the tradition of using high-quality ingredients to produce the finest product.

“Maxim”  launched the very popular Custard series of moon cakes in recent years. It including the Lave Custard; Creamy Custard; and Custard Duet for your choice.

Tao Tao Ju, established during the Qing Dynasty, has a long history of making various Chinese traditional dim sum and mooncakes. Now it is utilizing a new ingredient called Trehalose to replace conventional granulated sugar in order for you to enjoy the Moon-cake Festival in a healthier way.

“Lily Mooncake” is regarded as one of the most respected brands of moon-cakes; its prestigious brand not only originates from a wide variety of products, more importantly from its selection of high-quality ingredients.

Mooncakes are available now at Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State stores! To learn more, please visit your local 99 Ranch Market.