Mid-Autumn Festival is right around the corner!


Mid-Autumn Festival is the most important celebration in Asian culture. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month so the celebration changes every year. This year, the holiday falls on October 1st. Families come together to celebrate the holiday by gazing at the moon, lighting lanterns, and eating some mooncakes. Mooncake is a traditional food to have during this holiday. 99 Ranch Market offers a variety of mooncake gift sets with a wide range of unique flavors that you can choose from.  

The two most traditional and mooncakes involve yolk or no yolk depending on your preference. However, as time has evolved, more unique flavors are being created ranging from red bean to durian to purple yam. These are some flavors that you would not expect to be in mooncakes. 

To start off with, Hong Kong MeiXin mooncakes is one of the popular brands of mooncake based in Hong Kong. It nails both traditional baked mooncakes as well as its innovative snow skin renditions. Our store currently has MeiXin Lava Custard and Creamy Custard Mooncake that everyone loves. When you slice through the fragrant egg custard, the golden salted egg yolk makes its entrance and your taste buds will thank you for the flavourful explosion in your mouth. 

Next, there is Tao Tao Ju (TTJ) which has a history of making various Chinese mooncakes. They have been incorporating new trends and creating unique flavors of mooncakes. One unique flavor they have created is Purple Yam mooncake. The moment you take a bite of this mooncake, all the different flavors come rushing in. TTJ comes in different flavors such as classic Lava custard, purple yam, durian, and assorted fruit. All can be found at 99 Ranch Market. 

99 Ranch Market has a variety of brands with different flavors that you can try. It all comes in unique packaging that catches your eyes. If you are visiting your family or friends this Mid- Autumn Festival, don’t forget to bring a Mooncake set for them. Shop online at 99ranch.com or in store for more selections and prices. 

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BLOG, NEWS & EVENTS | September 22nd, 2020