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Healthy Breakfast to Grab and Go

Though time is limited from the moment you get up to getting to work in the morning, your diet should not be limited to something quick and filling without health factored in. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and though that sounds cliche, it is true, breakfast is what replenishes you, and aids in helping you kick off the day right. Taisun Oatmeal with Chestnut, consists of 3 whole chestnuts per can, and is filled with 4 grams of protein, 158mg of Potassium and 1mg of Iron. A perfect choice for a breakfast that is not only quick, and convenient, but also healthy.

Healthy, Filling for a Snack or Meal Replacement

In this day and age, many of us are always pressed for time. We want to eat healthier, but some of us lack the time in a day that allows us to prep something from scratch. Synear has provided us an alternative solution to that problem, with their steamed buns that come in three different healthy flavors: Brown Sugar Bun with Oat, Black Rice Bun with Date, and Corn Bun with Goji Berry.

Oats, black rice and goji berries are all rich in antioxidants, while brown sugar, dates, corn and goji berries are rich in minerals, so  regardless of which steamed bun you decide on, they all make for a healthier snack or meal replacement if time is limited, and all these selections are made with wheat flour too. Steaming is healthier and helps to retains more nutrients, though steaming is recommended, if time is limited, microwaving is always an alternative, which makes these steamed buns a great selection for our modern “on the go” life, but without sacrificing health for convenience.

Satisfying Your Cravings and Getting Your Nutrients Too

From stir fried to soup based, everyone loves an entrée of noodles from time to time, some more often than others. However not all noodles are created equal, most often we find noodles that are made from white flour, which many deem as “bad carbs.” If you love noodles, and wish to seek a healthier approach, then Wu-Mu has many options available to you, like their newer selections of Spinach Noodle, Fiber Noodle and Calcium Noodle just to name a few.

Why wheat flour you ask? White flour is heavily refined and goes through heavy processing, while wheat flour does not, so it contains more nutrients. Whether you pick the Spinach, Fiber or Calcium noodle, you’ll be in consuming a noodle that will be rich in calcium, iron, fiber or potassium. Healthier options of substituting your diet, allowing you to enjoy the flavorful taste without all the guilt.

BLOG, NEWS & EVENTS | May 29th, 2019