Jin Jin Jelly Snacks!

Super Moist and Delicious, Jin Jin Jelly is a Feel-Good Treat that Everyone Loves

First opening in the 1960s, Jellico food’s Jin Jin Jelly specializes in jelly products of all shapes, sizes, and flavors! From passionfruit to coconut-lychee to yogurt jelly, the company has spent decades crafting their products to tantalize customer’s taste buds and fill their every jelly-filled desire. These products are designed to sweeten up any day any time, be it morning, noon, or night! Whenever your customer pops open some Jin Jin Jelly, you know it’s gonna be super moist and delicious, always a satisfying feel-good treat!

Some of Jin Jin Jelly’s trendiest flavors right now are coconut-lychee and passionfruit. The passionfruit jelly combines the flavor of passionfruit with that classic Jin Jin Jelly juicy texture to create a delicious snack anyone can enjoy! With coconut-lychee flavor, you don’t have to choose between the creaminess of coconut and the sweetness of lychee – you get both! Guests can get the passion fruit flavor in bag size for themselves and jar size to share, while the coconut lychee flavor comes only in jar size to share – which is good, because they go fast!

Need even more creaminess? Try Jin Jin Yogurt Jelly! Delicious tubes of yogurt jelly-infused sweetness in tubes! Plus, each stick is made with 4 live lactic acid bacterium to provide creaminess, deliciousness, and healthiness. Stick them in the refrigerator for a cool treat or freeze them in the freezer for something even more yummy! Super moist and delicious, Jin Jin Yogurt Jelly is always a satisfying treat! Plus, there’s no artificial colors! It’s no wonder they’re loved by folks of all ages, from the littlest toddler to the grandest grandpa.

NEWS & EVENTS | October 22nd, 2020