It’s Time to Feast!


It’s finally November – and that means it’s time to feast! Although it’s traditional to eat turkey on Thanksgiving, we can all agree that it’s not always the most fun to cook a whole turkey. The whole process of brining, seasoning, and roasting a turkey can sometimes be stressful. And you don’t want to be stressed during the holidays. To help relieve some of that holiday stress, 99 Ranch Market in Northern California and Oregon is offering a Thanksgiving combo meal this year!

If you preorder two days in advance, you can order combo A, combo B, or just a whole turkey. Let’s break down what’s in each meal combo. In combo A, you get a whole turkey, stir-fried fish fillet with Yu Choy, honey BBQ pork ribs, salt and pepper shrimps, stir-fried mushrooms with oyster sauce, and fried rice with eggs and spring onion. If you have a party of 10-12 people, make a whole order for $230.88. If you have a smaller party with 4-6 people, make a half order for $120.88. In combo B, you’ll get a whole roast turkey, stir-fried green beans in black bean sauce, barbecued pork with honey, pan-fried shrimp in Maggi sauce, braised tender greens with mushroom, and stir-fried rice noodles with vegetables. A whole order can feed 10-12 people for $230.88 and a half order can feed 4-6 people for $120.88. If you don’t want so many side dishes, you can order a whole roast turkey for $55.88. This comes with gravy, and a choice of either fried noodles or 12 pieces of steamed bread. Make Thanksgiving easier on yourself this year by ordering your feast through 99 Ranch Market. You can focus on the eating while we focus on the cooking. Of course, be sure to preorder from our Hot Deli department two days in advance to secure your meal!

The Whole  Roast Turkey is also available at 99 Ranch Market stores in Washington State.

If you want to do something a little different from traditional turkey dinners for your Thanksgiving celebration – hot pot is always a great option. Using the 99 Ranch Market app, it’s even easier now to get all your groceries. Once you enter your location on the app, it’ll find the closest 99 Ranch that can deliver to you. Deliveries are free if you spend over $75! With just the swipe of your finger, you can browse a huge variety of hot pot items. From Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup to Haidilao Hot Pot Sauce, you can find a delicious soup base that everyone will love. Of course, after choosing your soup base, the next thing you need to do is get all your sliced meat. If you just search “sliced meat” on their app, you’ll be shown all the options that are available to you. We have so many options, from lamb to beef eye round. The next thing you’ll need is some veggies! Napa cabbage is a must have in your hot pot and seafood mushroom adds a wonderful texture. We also have all the necessary condiments like Bullhead Sacha Sauce, sesame paste, chili oils, and soy sauce. Make sure you have these in stock or order more, hot pot isn’t complete without a fragrant dipping sauce. 

For a limited time, 99 Ranch Market is offering a special gift to you: Receive $2 off with every $99 holiday gift card purchase. Limited quantities while supplies last.

Whether you want turkey or hot pot for dinner, 99 Ranch Market can help you feast!