Hot Pot Festival

Traditional festivities no longer include just western dishes. Nowadays, most Asian families are bringing many eastern delicacies like hot pot into Western celebrations to commemorate and enjoy with our honored customers. Not only does 99 Ranch Market serve the turkey meal combo, but it also holds the hot pot festival from Nov 20th to Dec 3rd at stores in Northern California, Oregon and Washington State. We will be offering you a special sale on plenty of hot pot ingredients and beverages, including most of the seafood, produce, and selected items.

Hot pot has different styles depending on cultures around the world: Beijing lamb spine hot pot, Chaoshan beef hot pot, Guizhou pickled fish hot pot, Japanese Shabu Shabu, Korean Budae jjigae, and Thai tom yum hot pot, etc.

The soup base is the soul of a hot pot. 99 Ranch Market provides different types of soup bases to satisfy your taste, whether you are craving a spicy hot pot or a healthy, non-spicy hot pot. Additionally, you cannot miss hot pot’s best buddy – dipping sauce such as LGM Chili Sauce, Ajinomoto Dipping Sauce, Sriracha Chili Sauce, Japanese Sesame Oil, Fermented Chili Bean Curd, and much more! During the promotion period, Lee Kum Kee, the manufacturer of Chinese and Asian sauces, has a wide variety of new flavors of dressing and sauces available at 99 Ranch Market.

Our meat department is staffed with professional butchers to provide you with fresh cut hot pot beef slices, lamb slices, quality pork, and poultry. The vegetable department is stocked with excellent selections based on your preference such as lettuce wraps, enoki mushrooms, and tong ho. In our seafood department, you can find a great assortment of fresh fish, clams, shrimps, oysters, lobsters, crabs, etc.

Dessert after enjoying a hot pot is the icing on the cake. Fruit platters made of different fresh seasonal fruits, green teas, and fruity tasting beverages are great choices for people of all ages.

99 Ranch Market sincerely extends its gratitude to customers for their generous support.

99 Ranch Market also has a Gift Card promotion now through November 30. You can get a gift card of $99 by purchasing $97. (Restrictions applied)

No matter what styles of hot pot you choose, it is a perfect dish for a family gathering!

For more details or inquiries, please visit your local 99 Ranch Market.