99 Ranch Picks – Holiday Food Gift Ideas

There are only a few days left before Christmas and less only two weeks before the New Year. Have you purchased the holiday gifts for your loved one yet? If not, don’t worry, 99 Ranch Market will launch a special Christmas promotion starting 12/20/19. We also sort out dozens of exquisite food gift ideas that are most worth the purchase so that you can enjoy your favorite comfort food this holiday season. The gift ideas include wine, delicious biscuit gift boxes, and cakes, etc. Every item fits the occasion perfectly and could be shared with friends and family.

Chiate Pineapple Cake

Chiate is a Star brand with a global reputation. Its award-winning pastry is voted as one of the top 100 best Taiwanese unique gifts! Made of imported New Zealand cream with a rich and distinct taste, free of artificial flavors and preservatives. The exquisite 12-piece gift box is the perfect gift for this holiday season.  

Wu Pao Chun Pineapple Cake

The well-known Taiwanese bakery chief Wu Pao Chun said, “the sweet and sour taste of the pineapple cake is the taste of happiness!” A great pineapple cake contains 100% real pineapple. It gives the fillings the yummy golden color. The egg yolk from Pingdong provides so much satisfaction, just one bite will remind you of the flavors in your memory.     

Yuki & Love Golden Pineapple Cake

The authentic natural flavor Taiwanese pineapple cake uses fresh pineapple made into the fillings. The pastry finds a good balance of sweet and sour. It’s soft on the outside and full of flavor inside. With the holiday discount, Yuki & Love is selling at a great price. It makes a wonderful snack to share with family and friends!

Taiwan Beer Gold Medal Snow Man Edition

This super cute snowman Christmas edition beer package is limited for sale! Is the bottle full of Christmas spirit that you can’t help but grab them right away from the shelves? It will be a hit at your gift exchange party! Buy it quickly; otherwise, they will be gone FAST.

Bourbon Butter Cookie

Famous Japanese pastry brand Bourbon offers Snoopy and Rilakkuma butter biscuits boxes. They are super eye-catching, rich in milk and texture, definitely a treat to the taste bud.

I Mei Chocolate Place Gift Pack

I mei Chocolate Palace Gift Box contains a variety of chocolate biscuits to choose from. Chocolate lovers would feel satisfied at once with all the richness and smoothness of the chocolates.

Amaichigo Gift Cake Box

Imported from Japan, Amaichigo honey steamed cakes are soft and moist compared to the baked kinds. They are made of top-grade honey and packaged individually. It’s convenient and will sure to make both adults and children fall in love with!

Vicenzi Season's Greeting Tin/Mediterraneo Assort

A wonderful selection of authentic Italian puff pastry cookies with a lovely holiday theme. This selection showcases the different flavors and satisfies all tastes. Excellent cookies in exclusive season’s greetings tins, a tribute to the Italian Pastry tradition.

HiWalk Egg Roll Peanut/Sesame

Peanut Flavor

Taiwanese original peanut paste egg rolls. The wrap skin is made of eggs and imported New Zealand cream with no water nor milk mixed. High temperature baked. Underneath the golden crispy wrap is the freshly grounded peanut sourced from Beigang, Taiwan. The taste of the egg roll is so rich that you can’t resist!

Sesame Flavor 

NEW FLAVOR! The handmade egg roll stuffed with lava sesame paste, pure satisfaction! The secret of a great egg roll is in the ingredients. HiWalk sources the quality eggs, Taiwan grown sesame, and imported New Zealand cream. The best ingredients bake the best flavor!

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