Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Time for Mooncakes :)

          Mooncakes are at the heart of the Mid-autumn Festival. Enjoy this video all about mooncakes with our host, Yuelong!

           Mooncakes are steeped in tradition dating back thousands of years. An essential part of the Mid-Autumn festival, these delicious delicacies range from the sweetest red bean to the savoriest salted ham. When you bite into a mooncake, you bite into a piece of history, culture, and decadence all at once.

          We’ll have mooncakes ready for the buying all month long! You can get them in-store or online right here – just pop in your address, and get shoppin’! Be sure to share all your mooncake nomin’ and mid-autumn celebratin’ online with the #ranchrecipes. Thanks a lot, and Happy Mid Autumn Festival! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

NEWS & EVENTS | October 1st, 2020