The Dragon Boat Festival is less than a week away, have you tried any rice dumplings, a.k.a Zongzi, yet? Sharing rice dumplings with the family is a beloved tradition of ancient Chinese culture; the consumption of rice dumplings can be traced back over 1,000 years!

In case you haven’t tried rice dumplings before, they are usually made of glutinous or sticky rice and added with various delicious ingredients, such as egg yolk, nuts, sausage, mushroom, red beans, etc. Skillful chefs can wrap all the ingredients together with certain bamboo or reed leaves into the shape of tiny pyramids.

So the big question, how to prepare rice dumplings for consumption? Usually, there are three ways: boil, steam, or microwave. From 99 Ranch, you can find various flavors of rice dumplings both freshly made and frozen. Some most popular frozen rice dumplings including I Mei-Salted Egg With Mushroom flavor, Synear Rice Dumpling In Net-Purple Yam flavor, and WFZ Rice Dumpling with Red Bean Paste. For frozen products, it’s better to boil the rice dumpling for 10-15 minutes, this way it will be fully cooked through. During the cooking process, leave the rice dumplings wrapped and make sure the leaves are not overcooked. See more varieties here:

 In most of our stores in S.CA and TX, we also have freshly made flavors for our customers to select. Please review the poster below. 

For the above selections, it is recommended to steam the rice dumplings for 15 minutes to best preserve the flavor and texture. But of course, if you are in a hurry, you can always rely on the microwave to shorten the preparation time.   

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | June 19th, 2020