99 Ranch Chinese New Year Gift Card Special

Here comes the new year 

Followed with

lots of Holidays, food, gifts, and reunions


Holiday gifts, family meals

It all takes time and effort to prepare

99 Ranch market can make it easier for you!


With the kind support  from our valued customers like you

99 ranch market keeps become better 

To celebrate the new year and upcoming holidays  

We happily Introducing

Happy holiday 99 ranch market Gift Card

Simultaneously carry out a limited-time gift card promotion!

12/10/2020 ~ 01/02/2021

 Get your $99 gift card for only $97!



Beautifully designed, with a touch of new year spirit, compact and lightweight

Easy to carry and mail

It’s a good gift for visiting friends

It is also a surprise to send to friends and relatives from far away 


Of course, you can also keep it to yourself

Get your gift card

Go to the 99 ranch supermarket near you and start shopping!

Happy Holidays from 99 ranch market!

NEWS & EVENTS | December 13th, 2021