Dragon Boating & Rice Dumplings on the Horizon

Dragon Boat Festival also known as Duan Wu Jie, takes place every year on the fifth month and fifth day of the Lunar Calendar, which lands on June 7th this year.  History has it that Duan Wu Jie commemorates Qu Yuan, who is a national hero known for his classical poetry and patriotism. Story has it that Qu Yuan was exiled by Emperor Chu, who perceived Qu Yuan as being disloyal when he tried warning the Emperor about incoming threats. After Qu Yuan was sent away the Emperor was captured and imprisoned, leading to the surrender of their state. After receiving the news, Qu Yuan was said to have drowned himself in the Miluo River of Hunan Province.

Upon first hearing the news of Qu Yuan’s suicide attempt, it was said that villagers went out in boats trying to save Qu Yuan bearing Rice Dumplings, also known as zongzi (in Mandarin) or jong (in Cantonese).  Since the rescue was unsuccessful, the villagers started splashing the water with their paddles, beating drums and throwing rice dumplings into the water as a means of scaring away the evil spirits and fish from the body of Qu Yuan, the rice dumplings also served as their food offering to the spirit of Qu Yuan.  The intense paddling in search of Qu Yuan is what brings us the racing of Dragon Boats that we see today, paired along with the Rice Dumplings offered, it has made both strong symbols of Duan Wu Jie.  

Rice Dumplings are a staple to what is eaten during Duan Wu Jie. The rice contained in Rice Dumplings are usually made from glutinous or sticky rice and is pyramid shaped after wrapped in bamboo leaves and tied up with string. The fillings inside however could be savory or sweet, and sometimes a mix of both. Synear offers a variety of flavors and they come in V-shape or the traditional pyramid shape ones. All you have to do is steam them up and they are ready for consumption as you, your friends, and/or loved ones celebrate the day of Duan Wu Jie and its festivities! Happy Dragon Boat Festival everyone!!!


NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | May 31st, 2019