Although Halloween is not a traditional festivity in Asia, it’s become a very popular holiday throughout the world. It is also very popular in many countries in Asia. This Halloween, we have specially collected some special Halloween-themed party foods that have an Asian twist for you and your guests. Make this Halloween fun, tasty, and SPOOKY with these recipes. 


These tiny edible ghosts are actually money-bag wontons turned upside down!

These CNY-must-have little dumplings are usually filled with minced pork, shrimps, eggs, carrots, green onions, and garlic, then served steamed or deep-fried, of your choice!

You can add seaweed or black sesame seeds for eyes and turn this popular dim sum dish into a demonic treat for your Halloween party!   

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Add a touch of spookiness to your Onigiri rice ball. Get a ghost onigiri rice ball mold and fill the mold with a scoop of flavored rice and yummy ingredients. Then cut out facial features from dried seaweed with seaweed puncher and put the cutouts on the ghost-shaped rice ball however you would like to make it spooktacular! It’s super easy to make. 

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Pick up some octopus tentacles from your local 99 Ranch Market for this frightfully appetizing dish. Grill up the octopus, and then slice it up into bite-size pieces, served with hot sauce or your favorite sauce for that extra kick!

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Here is another scarily simple and scarily good recipe for you. Just fill egg-roll wrappers with your favorite ingredients like minced pork or shrimp, garlic, shredded cabbage, and carrots, etc. Fry them until they are crispy and golden. Place sliced olives, cream cheese, and carrots for eyes, and voilà, a spookylicious recipe is done. 

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Hope you enjoyed all these Asian-inspired by Halloween food ideas, which one is your favorite? 

NEWS & EVENTS | October 31st, 2019