Celebrate Lunar New Year with 99 Ranch Market

Although we celebrate the new year on January 1st, before we know it – it’ll be Lunar New Year already. Unlike the new year parties that happen on the same day every year, the day Lunar New Year falls on is calculated by the lunar calendar that is based on cycles of the moon. This year, on February 1st, 2022, we will begin the year of the Tiger. Celebrating the Lunar New Year is the perfect time to get together and have fun with the friends and family you love. Rather than worrying about what to make for guests to eat, let us take care of all your food needs. Take a break and just enjoy the lion dances and popping firecrackers.

This year, 99 Ranch Market in Northern California and Oregon is offering two set meal options for Lunar New Year celebrations. The first set we have is the Lunar New Year Basin Feast (Poon Choi). The basin feast comes with delicious seafood like cuttlefish and shrimp. It features a pork roast and also includes special cuts like:  tongue, feet, and stomach. The set also has roasted duck, as well as duck feet and wings. And when you need a break from all the meats, there’s plenty of mushroom and egg tofu in there too! For $130.88, you’ll get a basin that feeds 4-6 people. And for $230.88 you’ll get a basin that can feed 10-12 people. 

The next meal set we are offering is the Lunar New Year Meal Combo. This set includes a tray of assorted BBQ and soy marinated items, steamed chicken with tender greens, and soy sauce chow mein. Additionally, the combo also comes with three different braised proteins: pork hock, rock cod, and braised duck with vegetables. The Lunar New Year Meal Combo is $230.88 and can feed 10-12 people.

And when you choose the Basin Feast, you’ll receive three of our complementary dishes along with everything else. You’ll get soy sauce chicken, a tray of assorted bean curds and vegetables, and a tray of rice noodles with egg and vegetables.  

Now that you know what delicious things are going to be included in our meal sets, enjoy your Lunar New Year celebrations while we focus on the food. These meals are only being offered in our Northern California and Oregon locations. If you’re interested in ordering a meal set from us, just be sure to place your orders 2 days in advance! Tax is not included in the prices mentioned above.

During this time, we’ll also be bringing out many traditional Lunar New Year snacks and decorations to help you decorate and prepare your home! Cover your home in red and gold by hanging up lanterns, delicately cut out paper art, and door couplets to celebrate the new year and ward off bad luck! In addition to decorating your home, stock up on some Lunar New Year snacks to share with friends and family when people come over to visit. Fill up a few bowls with preserved plums, peanut flavored candies, and sweet ginger for easy snacking. And these aren’t just great for your own household, but they’d be wonderful gifts as well! Put together a little basket with tasty goods and a few decorations to give friends and family when you visit. 

And for those who want to give the gift of shopping, you can buy a $99 gift card for just $97 with a minimum in-store purchase of $20 from Jan. 7th to Feb. 3rd. These gift cards are a great Lunar New Year gift, but can also be used year round to purchase delicious foods and ingredients! 

For those who want to shop at 99 Ranch while staying at home, check out our online website or our mobile app to make shopping more convenient. So whether you’re stocking up your own home or buying gifts for friends and family, check out your local 99 Ranch Market for all your Lunar New Year needs!