Bring Your Family Together-Father’s Day Gift Card Sale

We have all felt the overwhelming effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our communities. To cope with changes brought about by COVID-19, we all need connection now more than ever. Connection calms stress. While we are following the stay-at-home order, it is a great opportunity to build stronger connections with your family. Eating, talking, and laughing together are great ways to build strong connections. Since Father’s Day is coming, it is a great way to build stronger connections with our family by celebrating Father’s Day. Besides giving him a big and warm hug, buying him a gift card so he can shop whenever he wants is another great idea to thank dad too!

Mother’s Day Drawing Contest 2019 winner-little talent artist Skyler Wang’s artwork that made it onto our 2020 Limited Edition gift card to celebrate Father’s Day! This gift card will make a great gift for your dad so he can use it to buy his favorite beer and snack! 

This gift card sale will run from 5/29/20-6/21/20.

Get a $99 card for $97 only! 

Thank you!

NEWS & EVENTS | May 26th, 2020