99 Ranch Market’s Children’s Drawing Contest has officially come to an end. For those who haven’t heard of the Mother’s Day Contest, this is something that 99 Ranch Market hosts annually. This is the perfect chance for 99 Ranch and the communities they serve to collaborate and create a stronger bond. Not only is this contest something that brings communities together, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for children to show their creativity and artistic talents! This year’s contest theme was to “Design a Cake for Mom”. Hundreds of submissions were received, and each of them were wonderfully detailed in their own way. Some children chose to decorate their cakes with delicious fruits and foods that their moms love eating, and others took care to include beautiful decorations like flowers and hearts on their cake designs.


Participants who submitted their artwork were split into two categories by age group; Group A had children between the ages of 4-8 and Group B had older kids between the ages of 9-13. Three 99 Ranch Market Champion Award winners in both groups will win a Trophy of Excellence and receive a $500 check . Five Grand Prize winners in each group will be awarded a trophy and a $100 gift card to 99 Ranch Market. Ten First Prize winners in each group will be awarded a trophy and a $50 gift card to 99 Ranch Market. And ten Outstanding Prize winners from each group will win a trophy and a $25 gift card to 99 Ranch Market.


Although this is a fun contest meant to inspire children to think creatively, it also shows how much children care and notice what their moms do and how they act. Moms are strong, passionate, loving, devoted, and so much more. And these qualities were all so apparent in the drawings that were submitted.


Thank you everyone for participating and submitting their wonderful artwork. Competition was fierce this year with all the amazing entries we received.  Each art piece was carefully looked over, and the artwork was judged based on creativity, skill, and subject relevance. Even with these criteria, it was hard for the judges to make their decisions since all the submissions showed such creativity! The winners of Northern California/Oregon and Washington State regions have already been notified, and 99 Ranch Market will be officially announcing the winners at the Awards Ceremony at the Milpitas Square on 4/24/2022. A list of winners and their artwork will be posted on the 99 Ranch Market website.

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