99 Ranch Market Makes A One-Stop Asian Food Tour

When people are still immersed in the mid-autumn festival atmosphere, 99 Ranch Market is going to make a hit of Asian Food in public again. Oct 16th to Oct 29th, 99 Ranch Market will have the annual Asian Food Festival for spreading the traditional and creative Asian food culture all over the world. Come join us on this fantastic food tour!

People can hardly resist the temptation of mouth-watering dishes, desserts, and snacks, especially tons of various flavorful Asian food. What makes Chinese food famous is its multi-flavored taste from a diverse variety of sauces. We provide a full range of sauces including but not limited to Szechuan chili sauce, Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce, and Lao Gan Ma chili oil. We satisfy all you want while cooking Chinese food at home rather than ordering a take-out.

When thinking of Japanese snacks, foodies always mention Pocky’s biscuit sticks, Panda cookies with cute shapes, and fruity Calpico beverages. You will be diving into the sweet world in such chilling autumn with plenty of Japanese snacks from 99 Ranch Market. For fans of Japanese cuisine, not only the classical ingredients have we offered like soy sauce and sesame oil, but also cup noodles, Goyza, and Yakult’s yogurts even the most popular Calbee’s breakfast multigrain oatmeal. 99 Ranch Market supplies whatever you are looking for and more than that.

Taiwanese cuisine is well-known for two of the signature foods: buttery and crunchy pineapple shortcake and creamy boba milk tea. These become the must-have desserts and gifts for teenage customers. Different from Taiwanese food, the theme of Korean food is spicy. Korea specialties such as shin ramens, Kimchi, spicy rice cakes, vegetable pancakes, and tofu stews are all stored in 99 Ranch Market for our customers with different needs.

99 Ranch Market follows and collects the latest Asian foods for our customers. As soon as milk-tea ice-creams became trendy among Asians, we are already providing all kinds of flavors in the U.S. We are working hard to satisfy customers’ needs, as well as guide the tendency of creative Asian food. For showing our greatest appreciation to our most honored customers, we also offer the most favorable price for a wide range of products in this event.

99 Ranch Market is devoted to providing the best, most convenient, and safest shopping experience for you. We want you to enjoy this food tour, let’s go and start discovering!

We warmly welcome all customers to 99 Ranch Market in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State. For detailed event information, please inquire with your local store or visit 99ranch.com.