Celebrate Christmas and Ring in the New Year with 99 Ranch

Christmas is just around the corner, and before you know it – it’ll be the new year! This year, 99 Ranch Market branches in Northern California and Oregon want to help you figure out your holiday meal plans. If you’re looking to celebrate Christmas or the New Year and you don’t want to cook a whole feast by yourself, order one of our meal combos to make things easier for yourself. 

Now let’s check out what delicious things you’ll get when you order one of our meals. When you order Combo A you’ll get: roast turkey, pork chop in fruit sauce, stir-fried gai lan with garlic, braised rock cod, stir-fried squid and shrimp with snap peas and celery, and fried egg noodle with yellow chives. You can either order a whole set that can feed 10-12 people for $230.88 or a half set that feeds 4-6 people for $120.88. In our Combo B you’ll get: assorted BBQ and soy marinated items, salt and pepper pork ribs, vegetable in oyster sauce, fish fillet in fruit sauce, stir-fried fish balls and shrimp balls with green beans in black bean sauce, and fried rice noodles with vegetables. For $230.88 you’ll get a whole order that feeds 10-12 people and for $120.88 you’ll get a half order that feeds 4-6 people. Just remember, if you want to get your feast on time – you must order 2 days in advance! (The above prices do not include tax.)

Oh yeah, we have even more good news! As you’re doing your online or in person grocery and holiday shopping be sure to keep your eyes open for some of the holiday gifts we’ll have available at 99 Ranch. You can order online at 99ranch.com, through our mobile APP,  or check out our physical locations to see what awesome holiday grocery gift packs, new wines, and fruit gift boxes we’ll have. And why not save while you’re shopping? From 12/10/2021 to 01/02/2022, if you spend $20 or more in-store at a local 99 Ranch Market, you can purchase a $99 gift card for $97! This is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life who loves cooking and trying new things. Plus, maybe they’ll even cook something delicious for you as a way to say “thank you!”

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG, UPCOMING EVENTS | November 30th, 2021