The much anticipated annual Asian Food Festival has finally arrived at 99 Ranch Market in Northern California, Oregon and Washington State. From 4/9 – 4/22/2021, 99 Ranch Market, along with multiple food manufacturers and vendors, will be bringing you a wide variety of Asian food and merchandise. Our stores are fully stocked with vast amounts of delicious foods, beverages, snacks, sweets, and other unique products for you to choose from!

When it comes to snacks, Japanese snacks might be the first one that pops up in people’s mind. Try our Pocky biscuit sticks, rice crackers, Meiji Hello Panda cookies, Calbee french fries. Our younger shoppers in particular love these specialty snacks! Aside from snacks, we also cannot forget about beverages like Calpico drinks, Taisun grass jelly drinks, Ito En tea drinks. Furthermore, there will be selections of top selling products including Japanese style noodle, gyoza and frozen udon. For those who are looking for a quick and easy lunch, many of our aforementioned items come with tasty pre packaged seasonings and toppings.

If you are a fan of Korean food, you can find large amounts of Korean delights at our Asian Food Festival! When it comes to sauces, it is almost impossible not to mention Korean BBQ sauce, spicy rice cake sauce, and bean paste. These incredible condiments are the secret weapons of cooking! Also, instant foods or snacks we have crispy rice buckets, banana or strawberry flavored milk, fish sausage, octopus dumplings, and sandwich ice cream with different flavors.

Taiwanese cuisine is getting more and more attention in recent years. Asian Taste Pork Sausage, Rice Pudding, TYT Sun Cake, Pineapple Cake, etc. You should definitely try these indulgent treats.

For more information, please visit any 99 Ranch Market stores in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State, or visit our website at: