Awesome Back to School Snacks

Are you ready and prepared to go back to school? All good things must come to an end, but luckily for you and your young ones, 99 Ranch Market has the best snacks that will keep a smile on your face until next summer!

One of our 99 Ranch Kids favorites is our Jin Jin Coconut Jelly Lychee Jar. These fun, delicious, individually packed jelly cups pack a juicy punch! Small and easy to bundle up with your lunches, these coconut lychee cups will definitely be a winner no matter what the age! 

Another snack that is jam-packed with fiber and antioxidants, are our I-Mei Walnut Date Bars. These bars are the perfect midday snack! Individually packed, these bars will be sure to keep your kids attentive and energized throughout the day in the classroom.

These snacks and a variety of other snacks are on sale now! Provide your family and kids with these snacks and smiles to come throughout the school year! Drop by your local 99 Ranch Market to grab some back to school snacks today! 

NEWS & EVENTS | August 16th, 2019

没有你不行 开学必备品零食


小朋友最爱大华零食之一是我们的Jin Jin晶晶椰子荔枝果冻罐。这些包装可爱,美味,精致的小包装果冻杯拥有丰富果汁,甜美清爽,让你充满元气,活力满满!这些果冻杯小轻巧易于携带,适合当饭后甜点,无论年龄多大,都爱不释手!



NEWS & EVENTS | August 16th, 2019