Frisco,  TX Store is now hiring Cashiers (Night Shift)! 德州 Frisco 店 誠徵 收銀員(晚班)

Part Time
Store - Texas
Posted 2 months ago

99 Ranch Market – Frisco,  TX Store is now hiring Cashiers (Night Shift)!

99 Ranch Market is the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States, with over 61 store locations across 10 states and more to come! We are passionate and honored to shape the Asian Supermarket culture within the grocery industry. “For 100, we try harder” is our commitment to always provide the best products and services to the communities we serve. With our new expansion strategy and efforts in our cross-generational transition to continue growing our footprint across the country, we welcome YOU to join and grow alongside our family!

Job Duties

  • Proactively greet customers, and answer their questions in a professional manner
  • Identify product items properly and recite the PLU of fruits and vegetables
  • Scan customer orders accurately and efficiently
  • Follow all cash handling procedures and complete the process accurately and efficiently
  • Bag items properly
  • Answers customer inquiries by phone or in-person with appropriate etiquette
  • Conducts customer returns and exchanges in compliance with company policies
  • Properly handles customer suggestions and complaints about customer retention
  • Review, create and apply new batches. Update prices in the system. Make various sizes of price tags, and ensure price tags and signage are correctly labeled
  • Process online orders according to company procedures
  • Maintains clean, organized work areas, and complies with internal procedures
  • Perform other duties as needed

Minimum Requirement

  • Previous front-end customer service experience preferred
  • Knowledge of cashier registers, POS devices, online orders platforms, and computers
  • Excellent communication skills and willingness to help with customer requests
  • Available to work on weekends and holidays or on rotating schedules, the night shift will be scheduled from 12:00 pm until 9:00 pm or 9:30 PM

Required Skills

  • Good customer service skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Good attention to detail

Physical Demands

  • Standing for extended periods is commonly required
  • Repetitively ring up items of 0-5 lbs
  • Make repetitive finger and wrist movement
  • Good manual dexterity for the use of processing equipment such as cutter or labeling
  • Ability to lift 30 lbs or more with the appropriate equipment

Employment Type: Part-Time

Salary: $15/hr

Company Benefit :

  • Medical Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with a 4% match
  • Employee Discount
  • Referral Program

How to apply:

  • Fill out the application form or provide your resume at the customer service counter
  • Call for more information and/ or to set up an interview
  • Store Manager: Enson Chan, Tel: (469) 970-8899
  • Store Location: 9292 Warren Parkway, Suite #200, Frisco, TX 75035


Tawa Group dba 99 Ranch Market, is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.


99 大華超市 德州Frisco 店 誠徵 收銀員(晚班)

99大華超級市場是美國最大的亞洲連鎖超市之一,我們在十個州以上擁有超過61家分店。大華對顧客以誠信相待,我們滿懷熱誠且非常榮幸能塑造華人超市新氣象。"成就百分體驗,我們加倍用心!" 展示了我們始終為所服務的社區提供最好的產品及服務的承諾。 憑藉我們新的擴張戰略和當前跨世代轉型的努力,我們希望繼續擴大其在全國的足跡。 在大華不斷成長的同時,我們也擁有許多工作和升遷機會。我們誠摯的歡迎您加入我們的大家庭並一同成長!


  • 主動迎接客戶,並以專業的方式回答他們的問題
  • 正確識別產品項,背誦蔬果貨品的 PLU
  • 準確高效地掃描客戶訂單
  • 遵守所有現金處理程序,準確高效地完成流程
  • 妥善包裝物品
  • 以適當的禮節通過電話或親自回答客戶的詢問
  • 按照公司政策進行客戶退貨和換貨
  • 妥善處理客戶建議和投訴以留住客戶
  • 查看、創建和應用新批次。更新系統中的價格。製作各種尺寸的價格標籤,並確保正確標記價格標籤和吊牌
  • 根據公司程序處理線上訂單
  • 保持清潔、有條理的工作區域,並遵守內部程序
  • 根據業務需要履行其他職責


  • 有前台客服經驗者優先
  • 了解收銀機、POS 設備、在線訂單平台和電腦
  • 出色的溝通技巧和願意幫助客戶要求的能力
  • 可在周末和假日或輪班工作,晚班須從12:00工作至晚上9:00或9:30


  • 良好的客戶服務技巧
  • 良好的時間管理能力
  • 注重細節


  • 通常需要長時間站立
  • 反覆吊起 0 -5 磅的物品
  • 重複手指和手腕運動
  • 良好的手動靈活性,適合使用切割機或貼標等加工設備
  • 能夠使用適當的設備舉起 30 磅或更多重量




  • 綜合醫療保險
  •  401(k) 退休福利計劃、公司配比 4%
  • 員工折扣
  • 員工推薦計畫


    • 向顧客服務台索取聘僱申請表或直接遞交履歷給客服櫃台人員
    • 請致電詢問工作細節或預約面談時間
      • 店長Enson Chan, Tel: (469) 970-8899
      • 地址:9292 Warren Parkway, Suite #200, Frisco, TX 75035



Job Features

Job CategoryStores, Less than 1 Year, Cashier, Language, English, Chinese
LocationFrisco, TX
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Benefits401K ● Comprehensive medical, dental, life insurance ● Paid vacations and sick leave ● Employee discount

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