East Coast Distribution Center  is now hiring Assistant Building/Plant Manager/東岸配送中心誠徵助理倉庫經理

Full Time
Warehouse - New York
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East Coast Distribution Center  is now hiring Assistant Building/Plant Manager

99 Ranch Market is one of the largest Asian supermarket chains in the United States, with over 60 store locations in California, Nevada, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, and more! We are passionate and honored to shape the Asian Supermarket culture within the grocery industry. As 99 Ranch Market expands, we have new positions open. We welcome new members to join and grow along with our team!

● Manage a team of 10-20 direct reports by delegating workload to employees to accomplish all tasks most effectively, including minimizing and eliminating overtime through effective labor planning.
● Communicate and coordinate daily with direct reports and management to establish an action plan to tackle the workload for the day and week.
● Partner with supervisors and managers to develop and maintain critical job-relevant SOPs and provide additional support to the DC Management team as needed.
● Develop warehouse operations systems by determining product handling and storage requirements, equipment utilization, inventory management, dock processes, and shipping.
● Drive continuous improvement initiatives to increase warehouse effectiveness and efficiency with data-based analysis and best practices and communicate with Merchandisers and Store Management to improve business process workflow.
● Controls inventory levels by conducting physical counts, reconciling with the data storage system, and developing tactics and strategies to drive performance in inbound, outbound, and quality programs.
● Analyze existing business processes, identify improvement areas, such as returns and erroneous shipments, and conduct root cause analyses to correct issues moving forward.
● Collaborate with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and provide solutions while building and maintaining relationships with critical relevant parties from various departments.
● Troubleshoot system issues impacting orders that need to ship and track critically identified shipments with the ability to provide truck status to stores or Merchandising as required.
● Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures to comply with company policies and legal regulations and ensure direct reports abide by all policies.
● Review and prepare workflow, labor and space requirements, equipment layout, and action plans while meeting productivity, quality, and customer service standards.
● Manage the warehouse staff job results by coaching, training, counseling, and disciplining employees, including planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.
● Perform general exception management and issue resolution, escalate them to the leadership team when appropriate, and provide daily/weekly/monthly management reporting as needed.
● Perform other duties as assigned by management.

● A Bachelor's Degree in business administration or supply chain management-related fields is required. A Master's degree is preferred. Additional education can be in lieu of experience.
● 3+ years of warehouse management experience is required.
● Previous experience with ERP and WMS is preferred but not required.
● Experience operating a pallet jack and forklift is preferred but not required.
● Bilingual English/Chinese is preferred but not required.
● Proficient in using Google Suite and MS Office Suite applications.
● Demonstrated knowledge in Labor and Hours, Process, and Data Entry Management.
● Demonstrated knowledge of KPI Implementation and Data Processing.
● Excellent leadership skills for hiring employees, resolving conflicts, and keeping employees on task and motivated.
● Strong organizational, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills to anticipate problems before they happen and handle them appropriately.
● Strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills.
● Advanced skills in reporting and analyzing information.
● Demonstrated the ability to lead and supervise teams to complete projects efficiently and on time.
● Demonstrated ability to collaborate cross-functionally and coordinate efforts around process improvement.
● Authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship.

Physical Requirements:
● Prolonged periods of standing and walking.
● Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds at a time.
● Available to work at flexible schedules (weekends & holidays).
● Willing to work occasionally in environmental temperature ranges from 32° to 50°F.
● Ability to work in an environment that may be wet and dry and with varying temperatures and noises.
● Ability to use tools and equipment, including but not limited to knives, box cutters, electric pallet jacks, and other heavy machinery.

Position Details:
● Employment type: Full Time
● Location: 133 Randolph St, Brooklyn, NY 11237
● Salary: $65,000-70,000/year


  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with 4% Company Match
  •  Long-Term Service Award
  • Employee Discount
  •  Paid Time Off
  • Referral Program

Our goal is to become a recognized leader in the industry while providing a great workplace for employees. Please note the above job descriptions are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not covering or containing all details of skills, duties, or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Thus, they are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities as instructed by management. Duties, skills and responsibilities may change at any time without or without notice. We are an E.E.O. employer.


99 Ranch Market 是美國最大的亞洲連鎖超市之一,在加利福尼亞州、內華達州、德克薩斯州、華盛頓州、俄勒岡州、馬里蘭州、馬薩諸塞州、新澤西州、弗吉尼亞州等地擁有 60 多家門店!我們對在雜貨行業塑造亞洲超市文化充滿熱情和榮幸。隨著 99 Ranch Market 的擴張,我們有新的職位空缺。我們歡迎新成員的加入,與我們的團隊一起成長!

● 通過將工作量委派給員工來管理一個由 10-20 名直接下屬組成的團隊,以最有效地完成所有任務,包括通過有效的勞動力計劃最大限度地減少和消除加班。
● 每天與直接下屬和管理層進行溝通和協調,以製定行動計劃來解決一天和一周的工作量。
● 與主管和經理合作,制定和維護與工作相關的關鍵 SOP,並根據需要為 DC 管理團隊提供額外支持。
● 通過確定產品處理和存儲要求、設備利用率、庫存管理、碼頭流程和運輸來開發倉庫運營系統。
● 推動持續改進計劃,通過基於數據的分析和最佳實踐來提高倉庫效率和效率,並與跟單員和商店管理層溝通以改進業務流程工作流程。
● 通過進行實物盤點、與數據存儲系統協調以及製定策略和策略來提高入站、出站和質量計劃的績效來控制庫存水平。
● 分析現有業務流程,確定改進領域,例如退貨和錯誤發貨,並進行根本原因分析以糾正未來的問題。
● 與跨職能團隊合作解決問題並提供解決方案,同時與各個部門的關鍵相關方建立和維護關係。
● 對影響訂單的系統問題進行故障排除,這些問題需要運送和跟踪關鍵確定的貨物,並能夠根據需要向商店或銷售部提供卡車狀態。
● 通過建立、遵循和執行標準和程序來維護安全和健康的工作環境,以遵守公司政策和法律規定,並確保直接下屬遵守所有政策。
● 審查和準備工作流程、勞動力和空間要求、設備佈局和行動計劃,同時滿足生產力、質量和客戶服務標準。
● 通過對員工的指導、培訓、輔導和紀律處分,包括計劃、監控和評估工作結果,管理倉庫員工的工作成果。
● 執行一般異常管理和問題解決,適當時將其上報給領導團隊,並根據需要提供每日/每週/每月管理報告。
● 執行管理層分配的其他職責。

● 需要工商管理或供應鏈管理相關領域的學士學位。碩士學位是首選。額外的教育可以代替經驗。
● 需要3年以上倉庫管理經驗。
● 有 ERP 和 WMS 經驗者優先,但不是必需的。
● 有操作托盤搬運車和叉車的經驗者優先,但不是必需的。
● 中英文雙語為佳,但不是必須的。
● 熟練使用Google Suite 和MS Office Suite 應用程序。
● 具備人工和工時、流程和數據輸入管理方面的知識。
● 具備 KPI 實施和數據處理方面的知識。
● 在僱傭員工、解決衝突以及保持員工完成任務和積極性方面具有出色的領導能力。
● 強大的組織能力、批判性思維能力和解決問題的能力,能夠在問題發生之前預測問題並妥善處理。
● 強大的分析、溝通和人際交往能力。
● 報告和分析信息的高級技能。
● 具備領導和監督團隊高效、準時完成項目的能力。
● 具有跨職能協作和圍繞流程改進協調工作的能力。
● 被授權在沒有贊助的情況下在美國工作。

● 長時間站立和行走。
● 必須能夠一次舉起 50 磅。
● 可以靈活安排工作(週末和節假日)。
● 願意偶爾在 32° 至 50°F 的環境溫度範圍內工作。
● 能夠在可能潮濕和乾燥、溫度和噪音變化的環境中工作。
● 能夠使用工具和設備,包括但不限於刀具、開箱機、電動托盤搬運車和其他重型機械。

● 就業類型:全職
● 地點:133 Randolph St, Brooklyn, NY 11237
● 薪水:$65,000-70,000/年


  • 醫療、牙科、視力和人壽保險
  • 401(k) 4% 公司配套的退休儲蓄計劃
  • 長期服務獎
  • 員工折扣
  • 帶薪休假
  • 推薦計劃

我們的目標是成為業內公認的領導者,同時為員工提供良好的工作場所。請注意,上述職位描述旨在描述分配到此分類的人員所執行工作的一般性質和水平。它們沒有涵蓋或包含員工從事這項工作所需的所有技能、職責或責任的詳細信息。因此,它們不應被解釋為如此分類的人員所需的所有責任、義務和技能的詳盡清單。可能要求所有人員按照管理層的指示履行其正常職責之外的職責。職責、技能和責任可能隨時更改,恕不另行通知。我們是 E.E.O.雇主。

Job Features

Job CategoryEnglish, Chinese
LocationNew York
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Benefits401K ● Comprehensive medical, dental, life insurance ● Paid vacations and sick leave ● Employee discount

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