SoCal Customer Service Lead /現正誠徵 99 大華超市南加州總部市行銷部客服主管

Full Time
Corporate - Southern California
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99 Ranch Market is the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States, with over 61 store locations across 10 states and more to come! We are passionate and honored to shape the Asian Supermarket culture within the grocery industry. “For 100, we try harder” is our commitment to always provide the best products and services to the communities we serve. With our new expansion strategy and efforts in our cross-generational transition to continue growing our footprint across the country, we welcome YOU to join and grow alongside our family!



  • Acting as team leader of the Customer Services Team, the Customer Service Lead will support the team of customer service representatives who provide timely and professional customer service responses via phone, email, and chat for all channels by acting as their first point of escalation, offering centralized operational support, and coordination of staff briefings, coordinated customer response, and support marketing promotions and events.
  • First point of customer escalation, order issue resolution, and backup support for the Guest Service Team.
  • Build and maintain company-customer relationships.
  • Provides direction, support, and ongoing feedback to management teams. 
  • Ensures customer service team responsibilities are prioritized and executed to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Enforce all company policies and procedures, including health, safety, and security, are being followed; ensure compliance to all wage and hour rules.
  • Develops collaborative partnerships with cross-functional team members and partners to best serve customers.
  • Customer service case management manages daily new & existing cases, responds to customers daily, and prioritizes communications.
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  • 2-3 years of experience in a Call Center/Customer Service Computer Skills (PC) and with the ability to work with multiple systems at one time.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Business or Hospitality Management.
  • Ability to communicate diplomatically and articulately over the phone, via email, and face-to-face across all levels, internally and externally.
  • Able to handle multiple interruptions and adjust priorities throughout the day, while continuing to produce accurate, detailed work
  • Fluency in English and Chinese is required, with good telephone and written communication skills.
  • Must be an excellent organizer and problem solver with strong project management skills
  • Be legally authorized to work in the USA.
  • Preferred Skills: CRM systems (e.g., HubSpot) and Microsoft Tools (Excel, Word, etc.).


Position Details:

  • Employment Type: Full Time.
  • Location: 6338 Regio Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620.
  • Salary: $25/hr – $30/hr, DOE




  • Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with 4% Company Match
  • Employee Referral Bonus up to $600
  • Long-Term Service Award
  • Employee Discount
  • Paid Time Off



Tawa Group dba 99 Ranch Market, is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.



99大華超級市場是美國最大的亞洲連鎖超市之一,我們在十個州以上擁有超過61家分店。大華對顧客以誠信相待,我們滿懷熱誠且非常榮幸能塑造華人超市新氣象。"成就百分體驗,我們加倍用心!" 展示了我們始終為所服務的社區提供最好的產品及服務的承諾。 憑藉我們新的擴張戰略和當前跨世代轉型的努力,我們希望繼續擴大其在全國的足跡。 在大華不斷成長的同時,我們也擁有許多工作和升遷機會。我們誠摯的歡迎您加入我們的大家庭並一同成長!



  • 作為客戶服務團隊的團隊負責人,客戶服務負責人將支持客戶服務代表團隊,他們通過電話、電子郵件和聊天為所有渠道提供及時和專業的客戶服務響應,作為他們的第一個升級點,提供集中運營支持,協調員工簡報,協調客戶響應,並支持營銷促銷和活動。
  • 客戶服務團隊的客戶升級、訂單問題解決和後續客服諮詢服務。
  • 建立和維護公司與客戶的關係。
  • 為管理團隊提供指導、支持和持續反饋。
  • 確保客戶服務團隊職責的優先級和執行,以提供卓越的客戶服務。
  • 執行所有公司政策和程序,包括健康、安全和安保,並得到遵守;確保遵守所有工資和工時規則。
  • 與跨職能團隊成員和合作夥伴建立合作夥伴關係,以最好地為客戶服務。
  • 客戶服務案例管理每天管理新的和現有的案例,每天響應客戶,並優先考慮溝通。




  • 2-3 年客服中心/客戶服務計算機技能 (PC) 經驗,並能夠同時使用多個系統。
  • 市場營銷、傳播、商業或酒店管理學士學位。
  • 能夠通過電話、電子郵件和在內部和外部的各個層面進行面對面的外交和清晰的溝通。
  • 能夠全天處理多次中斷並調整優先級,同時繼續進行準確、詳細的工作
  • 要求中英文流利,具有良好的電話和書面溝通能力。
  • 必須是優秀的組織者和問題解決者,具有很強的項目管理能力
  • 獲得在美國工作的合法授權。
  • 首選技能:CRM 系統(例如 HubSpot)和 Microsoft 工具(Excel、Word 等)。



  • 職務類型:全職
  • 工作地點: 6338 Regio Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620.
  • 薪資: $25/hr – $30/hr, 視經驗面議



  • 醫療保險、牙醫保險和人壽保險
  • 401(k) 退休儲蓄計劃、公司匹配最高 4%
  • 員工推薦獎金、最高可達 $600
  • 忠誠服務獎
  • 員工折扣
  • 帶薪休假
  • 推薦計畫




Job Features

Job CategoryCorporate, 1-3 Years, Marketing, English, Chinese
Location6338 Regio Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620.
Education LevelBachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Business or Hospitality Management.
Experience Level2-3 years of experience in a Call Center/Customer Service Computer Skills (PC) and with the ability to work with multiple systems at one time.
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Benefits401K ● Comprehensive medical, dental, life insurance ● Paid vacations and sick leave ● Employee discount

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