Houston, TX Stores are now hiring Meat Supervisors 德州休士頓分店店誠徵肉部副手

Full Time
Store - Texas
Posted 2 weeks ago

99 Ranch Market is the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States, with over 64 store locations across 10 states and more to come! We are passionate and honored to shape the Asian Supermarket culture within the grocery industry. “For 100, we try harder” is our commitment to always provide the best products and services to the communities we serve. With our new expansion strategy and efforts in our cross-generational transition to continue growing our footprint across the country, we welcome YOU to join and grow alongside our family! 

Job Duties:

  •   Display – Set up fresh meat cases and ensure products have the proper signage. Maintain an attractive product display to showcase freshness and quality, while following company standards for merchandising
  •   Replenish – Be aware of the expiration dates of products, so that older products can be taken off the shelves, and newer products can be ordered and stocked on time. Ensure the products are well refilled to meet customer needs and rotated for freshness
  •   Stock – Ensure the stockroom is arranged properly and FIFO method is followed when distributing products. Monitor the cooler/freezer temperature to ensure that company standards and required regulations are followed
  •   EE Management – Assist Department Manager on day-to-day operations to increase process efficiency and participate in the hiring process to meet operational requirements
  •   Overall Department Operation – Oversee the operation of the Meat department starting from product preparation, product display, material distribution, and inventory control to increase product exposure for higher sales and customer satisfaction
  •   EE Training – Educate and instruct team members in proper product handling regarding storage, equipment operation, product presentation, and rotation
  •   Report – Deal with any department accidents, urgent notices, along with other violations or incidents properly
  •   Workplace maintenance – Ensure a safe working environment and comply with the internal procedure or safety code to meet government regulation
  •   Cleaning – Coordinate cleanliness and maintenance needs with the Maintenance Department
  •   Dumping – Handle expired and recalled products properly. Keep accurate logs in accordance with the policies of the company, state food safety, and health regulations
  •   Loss Prevention – Responsible for controlling, safeguarding, and monitoring all department assets, ensuring policies and procedures are implemented for control of assets
  •   PI Count – Conduct the monthly PI count efficiently                         
  •   Customer Service – Provide excellent service to customers; identify any issues at an early stage and propose action plans on a continued basis
  •   Ordering – Make reasonable product ordering according to the company’s order schedule
  •   Demo – Arrange a Demo when there is a necessity
  •       Receiving – Check product quality and quantity when receiving products
  •       Food Safety – Handle products properly and keep accurate logs in accordance with food safety guidelines through the use of equipment
  •   Product Return – Follow the company policy to return the products
  •   System Usage – Use company systems to track product sales and inventory
  •   Acting as department manager when the manager is on leave
  •   Perform other duties for business needs


Minimum Qualifications:

  •   1 year of meat processing or similar experience in a retail environment
  •   Working on weekends or rotating schedules may be required


Skills Required:

  •   Attention to product details
  •   Inspecting and evaluating the quality of the product
  •   Strong execution skills
  •   Good active listening and critical thinking skills
  •    The service-oriented mindset with great coordinating skills


Physical Demands:

  •   Standing for extended periods is commonly required
  •   Good manual dexterity for the use of processing equipment such as cutter or labeling
  •   Ability to lift 30 lbs or more with the appropriate equipment


Employment Type: Full Time

Salary: DOE

Company Benefit:

  •       Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance
  •       401(k) Retirement Savings Plan with 4% Company Match
  •       Employee Referral Bonus up to $600
  •       Long-Term Service Award
  •       Employee Discount
  •       Paid Time Off
  •       Referral Program


How to apply:

  •       Fill out an application form or provide your resume at the customer service counter
  •   Call for more information and/ or to set up an interview with the store manager
  •   Send resume to hr@tawa.com
  •   For more information, please visit https://www.99ranch.com/careers



Tawa Group dba 99 Ranch Market, is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.


大華超市 德州休士頓分店店誠徵肉部副手

 99大華超級市場是美國最大的亞洲連鎖超市之一,我們在十個州以上擁有超過60家分店。大華對顧客以誠信相待,我們滿懷熱誠且非常榮幸能塑造華人超市新氣象。"成就百分體驗,我們加倍用心!" 展示了我們始終為所服務的社區提供最好的產品及服務的承諾。 憑藉我們新的擴張戰略和當前跨世代轉型的努力,我們希望繼續擴大其在全國的足跡。 在大華不斷成長的同時,我們也擁有許多工作和升遷機會。我們誠摯的歡迎您加入我們的大家庭並一同成長!



  •       展示 – 設置新鮮肉箱並確保產品有適當的標誌。保持有吸引力的產品展示以展示新鮮度和質量,同時遵循公司的銷售標準
  •       補貨 – 注意產品的有效期,以便舊產品可以下架,新產品可以按時訂購和庫存。確保產品被充分補充以滿足客戶需求並輪換以保持新鮮
  •       庫存 – 確保庫房安排妥當,並在配送產品時遵循先進先出法。監控冷藏/冷凍室溫度,以確保遵守公司標準和規定的規定
  •       EE 管理 – 協助部門經理進行日常運營,以提高流程效率並參與招聘流程以滿足運營要求
  •       整體部門運作 – 從產品準備、產品展示、物料分配和庫存控制開始監督肉類部門的運作,以增加產品曝光率,以提高銷售額和客戶滿意度
  •       EE 培訓 – 對團隊成員進行有關存儲、設備操作、產品展示和輪換的正確產品處理方面的教育和指導
  •       回報 – 妥善處理任何部門事故、緊急通知以及其他違規或事件
  •       工作場所維護 – 確保安全的工作環境並遵守內部程序或安全規範以符合政府法規
  •       清潔 – 與維護部門協調清潔和維護需求
  •       傾銷 – 妥善處理過期和召回的產品。根據公司政策、國家食品安全和衛生法規保持準確的紀錄
  •       損失預防 – 負責控制、保護和監控所有部門資產,確保實施資產控制政策和程序
  •       PI 盤點 – 有效地進行每月 PI 盤點
  •       客戶服務 – 為客戶提供優質服務;及早發現任何問題並持續提出行動計劃
  •       下單 – 根據公司的訂單安排進行合理的產品下單
  •       演示 – 必要時安排演示
  •       收貨 – 收貨時檢查產品質量和數量
  •       食品安全 – 通過使用設備,按照食品安全指南正確處理產品並保存準確的日誌
  •       產品退貨 – 按照公司政策退回產品
  •       系統使用 – 使用公司係統跟踪產品銷售和庫存
  •       在經理休假時擔任部門經理
  •       根據業務需要履行其他職責



  •       1 年肉類加工或零售環境中的類似經驗
  •       可能需要在周末或輪班工作



  •       注意產品細節
  •       檢查和評估產品的質量
  •       強大的執行能力
  •       良好的積極傾聽和批判性思維能力
  •       以服務為導向的思維方式,具有出色的協調能力



  •       通常需要長時間站立
  •       良好的手動靈活性,可以使用切割機或標籤等加工設備
  •       能夠使用適當的設備舉起 30 磅或更多的重量





  •       醫療保險、牙醫保險和人壽保險
  •       401(k) 退休儲蓄計劃、公司匹配 4%
  •       員工推薦獎金、最高可達 $600
  •       忠誠服務獎
  •       員工折扣
  •       帶薪休假
  •       推薦計



  •  逕至分店客服櫃檯填寫申請表或遞交簡歷
  • 電洽分店獲取更多信息和/或與商店經理進行面談
  • 郵寄履歷表至hr@tawa.com
  •  欲了解更多訊息,請至官網查詢https://www.99ranch.com/careers




Job Features

Job CategoryStores, 1-3 Years, Meat
LocationHouston, TX
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Benefits401K ● Comprehensive medical, dental, life insurance ● Paid vacations and sick leave ● Employee discount

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