East Coast Now Hiring all store clerk(NJ,MD,VA,MA) / 東海岸招聘各部門店員(NJ,NY,VA,MA)

Full Time, Part Time
Store - New Jersey, Store - Virginia, Store-New York
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Welcome to join our team!

Now, 99 Ranch Market is hiring Store Clerks (East Coast -New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia)

99 Ranch Market is one of the largest Asian supermarket chains in the United States. We have store locations in California, Nevada, Texas, Washington, Oregon, Maryland, New Jersey and more to come! We are passionate and honored to be shaping the Asian Supermarket culture within the grocery industry. As 99 Ranch Market expends, we have new positions open. We welcome new members to grow alongside with the family.




  • Grocery Department :Stock, organize and display merchandises, ensure grocery sections are well-stocked; inspect product expiration date; update and track inventory; assist with P.I., receiving, stocking, filling and rotating merchandise; provide outstanding customer service
  • Meat Department: Receive poultry products, organize and rotate product inside the walk-in freezer and cooler; Assist with monthly P.I.; Pack and price tag products; May need to operate band saw, meat grinder, meat slicer, knives, packaging machine and other tools (Company will provide essential operating and safety training) to process meat department products; Maintain cleanliness and sanitation in the workstation
  • Seafood Department: Receive seafood products, organize and rotate product inside the walk-in freezer and cooler. Display seafood products, clean fish tank, and check water quality periodically; Assist with monthly P.I. Assist customers to pick, clean, fillet, or fry/steam seafood products; pack and price tag products; operate knives, packaging machine and other tools to process seafood products; Maintain cleanliness and sanitation in the workstation
  • Produce Department: Receive produce products, organize and rotate product inside the cooler; Operate knives and packaging machines to cut, trim, wrap, and pack vegetable and fruit products; Stock, organize, and display products onto the shelves and display island; Maintain cleanliness and sanitation in the workstation
  • Cashier: Greet guests, answer inquiries, bag groceries, scan items; receive different forms of payment including cash, check, credit/debit card, voucher, food stamps, etc.; issue receipts, refunds, credits, or merchandising exchanges
  • General Helper: Maintain cleanness and neatness of the store (break room, restroom and shopping area, etc.); collect shopping carts and put back to shopping cart corrals
  • Bakery: Mix and bake ingredients to produce bread, rolls, cookies, cakes, and other baked products; check product quality and identify damaged or expired unit; help customer check-out
  • Hot Deli Department: Cooking including stir-fry, dim sum, congee and noodles, and Chinese BBQ; help out kitchen operations; help customer check-out.
  • Accountant: Require basic accounting knowledge; verify money balances; document financial transactions, and document account information; count drawer balances, and investigate account imbalances
  • Receiver: High proficiency with computer systems and warehouse operations; prepare and process purchase orders; plan and organize store warehouse spaces; receive shipments from vendor and distribution center; ensure shipments’ quality and quantity



      • Able to periodically stand for long periods of time; able to carry and lift up objects over 35 Ibs.
      • Bilingual in Chinese/English or English/Spanish is a plus
      • Available to work flexible schedules (night shifts, weekends & holidays)
      • Non-U.S. citizen applicants must have a legal work permit


  • No experience required, some experiences better.
  • College degree or equivalent education.
  • Having or willing to obtain a Food Handling Card.
  • Good communication skills and willingness to help customers.
  • Adapt to indoor, outdoor and refrigerator temperature changes.
  • Able to check and evaluate product quality and notice product description.
  • Efficient, responsible and safely use equipment.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Require long periods of standing and lifting up to 25+ pounds objects.
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Bilingual English/Cantonese/Chinese/Spanish is a plus.
  • Authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship. 


Position Detail:

  • Employment type: Part Time/Full Time
  • Salary (direct deposit available)    


  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Medical/Prescription
  • Dental*
  • Vision*
  • Life Insurance*
  • Paid Vacation*
  • 401(K)/+company contribution
  • Employee Discount

How to apply: 

Walk-in with your resume to apply or Email to HR : HR_EC@tawa.com


561 US-1, Edison, NJ 08817

420 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

450 Hackensack Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601

475 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02171

10780 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030

          1500 Old Country Road, Westbury, NY 11590


Our goal is to be a recognized leader in the industry while providing a great workplace for employees. Please note the job descriptions are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to the positions. They do not cover all the details of skills, duties, or responsibilities required for the positions. Thus, they are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all skills, duties, and responsibilities required for personnel. All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities as instructed by management. Skills, duties and responsibilities may change at any time with or without notice. We are an E.E.O. employer.

大華現正誠徵 東海岸分店  店員





  • 工作職責:
  • 雜貨部:擺設和陳列乾雜貨,冷凍和急凍雜貨。通過乾淨整齊的陳設吸引顧客的眼球。檢查貨品保質期和價格,確保商品質量和每週促銷商品的價格。及時更新及追踪商品庫存量,協助盤點。協助顧客找尋所需貨品。
  • 肉部:接收來貨,檢查來貨數量和質量。將來貨置於冷庫或凍庫內,定期整理冷庫或凍庫,追踪庫存量,協助盤點。需要使用肉鋸,絞肉機,起片機,以及其它刀具處理肉類商品。商品包裝,打印並貼價格標籤。確保貨架充足,及時補貨。協助客人獲取所需商品,並稍作處理。保持工作範圍內衛生整潔。
  • 海鮮部:接收來貨,檢查來貨數量和質量。將來貨置於冷庫或凍庫內,定期整理冷庫或凍庫,追踪庫存量,協助盤點。清理魚缸,定期檢查水溫及水質。陳列及擺放海鮮類產品供客人選購。協助客人清理魚內臟或加工海鮮類產品。需要使用刀具及接觸海產品。商品包裝,打印並貼價格標籤。確保貨架充足,及時補貨。保持工作範圍內衛生整潔。菜部:接收來貨,檢查來貨數量和質量。將來貨置於冷庫或凍庫內,定期整理冷庫或凍庫,追踪庫存量,協助盤點。需要使用刀具對瓜果蔬菜進行輕加工,包裝,打印並貼價格標籤。確保貨架充足,及時補貨。保持工作範圍內衛生整潔。
  • 收銀員:幫助客人結帳。需要熟練記憶瓜果蔬菜類的PLU編碼。提供高品質的客戶服務。
  • 店務雜工:幫助店務進行賣場,洗手間,員工休息室,等場所的清潔。幫助回收購物車。
  • 麵包部:裝飾蛋糕,協助顧客在麵包部選購產品並結賬。需要接聽電話訂單。烘培房助手,準備麵粉,製作麵團,監控烤箱溫度,及成品質量。商品包裝,打印並貼價格標籤。確保貨架充足,及時補貨。
  • 熟食部:炒鍋師傅,點心師傅,油爐師傅,燒臘師傅,廚房雜工。熟食部收銀,幫助客人選購熟食商品後結賬。協助客人現場製作粥、粉、面。
  • 店務出納:需要有基礎的會計知識,熟練點數鈔票、硬幣、以及現金卷。進行日結,與解款公司交接款項,準備每日報表。
  • 收貨部:需要熟練操作電腦,基本英文交流,收發英語電郵。根據公司提供的入貨單和購買憑據收取和檢查總倉和供貨商遞送的貨品。檢查貨品的數量和質量,並使用PDT槍記錄和錄入數據到電腦。


  • 基本要求:
    • 無經驗可,有相關經驗尤佳。
    • 大學畢業或相關學歷。
    • 良好的溝通能力和願意幫助客戶。
    • 能適應戶外、室內、冷凍、冷藏等溫度變化。
    • 檢查和評估產品的質量並注意產品詳細信息。
    • 執行能力強,能安全使用器具。
    • 負責、穩重、認真、懂得電腦及文書處理。
    • 工作需久站及提起25磅以上商品。
    • 彈性工作排班。
    • 中文/英文/西班牙語/廣東話,雙語尤佳。
    • 合法於美國工作,恕不協辦身份及簽證。


    • 職缺類型:兼職/全職
    • 薪資(可自動轉帳)


    • 帶薪病假
    • 醫療保險*
    • 牙科保險*
    • 眼科保險*
    • 人壽保險*
    • 帶薪休假*
    • 401(K)/+公司供款
    • 員工折扣





HR : HR_EC@tawa.com


561 US-1, Edison, NJ 08817

420 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

450 Hackensack Ave, Hackensack, NJ 07601

475 Hancock St, Quincy, MA 02171

10780 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030

         1500 Old Country Road, Westbury, NY 11590



Job Features

Job CategoryMeat, General Helper, Bakery, Cashier, Receiver, Stores, Experience Level, Less than 1 Year, Grocery, Seafood, Hot Deli, Produce
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Benefits401K ● Comprehensive medical, dental, life insurance ● Paid vacations and sick leave ● Employee discount

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