Hunger Relief Initiatives

We take food waste seriously and actively do our part in trying to make America’s food system more efficient and less wasteful. By doing this, we hope to inspire consumers and other food supply chains to waste less food at home and donate to those in need. We have partnered up with America's hunger relief organization - Feeding America and its partnering food banks to work with our surrounding communities and nonprofits to support the prevention of food waste, the rescue of surplus food, and donating to those in need.

As a whole, Tawa has donated over 100,000 food items monthly with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarding 99 Ranch Market the regional award for Sustainable Retail Commitment and Food Recovery Achievements. Our other partners include:

  • American Heart Association
  • American Red Cross
  • Feeding America

For information on how you can be part of it, please visit:

American Heart Asso. Logo
American Red Cross Logo
Feeding America Logo

Sustainability Efforts

Not only do we make social well being aware in our local communities, we also practice sustainability in our stores. More specifically, we have partnered with Edison International to create a safer, more energy efficient shopping experience. Shoppers no longer have to be bundled in warm clothing while browsing our aisles. We’ve replaced our open front refrigerated display cases with energy efficient enclosed cases. The LEDs provide a brighter, more consistent lighting, while the new refrigerator doors provide a more comfortable temperature for shoppers. Through our partnership with Edison International, we have been able to upgrade our light fixtures to LED lights, improved our refrigeration system by installing new energy efficient racks, cases, and doors in over 50 stores.

Our achievements in sustainability, food recovery, and energy efficiency has been a notable milestone in our 35 years of servitude. We hope to continue serving our surrounding communities as a model for ending hunger, energy efficiency, and reducing food waste.