Our First Flagship Store in Virginia is Coming Soon!

99 Ranch Market, the leading Asian grocery chain store, is proud to announce our first flagship store opening in Virginia. Welcoming shoppers into our the 54,000-square foot store that will be offering 20,000 unique items, a range of asian delicacies, and brand new interior design to enhance your shopping experiences. During our opening, we will still be following all CDC guidelines, maintaining social distancing, and requiring our guests to wear face coverings.  

Our eclectic departments include produce, dry grocery, premium meats, and live seafood to our ready to eat Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | August 21st, 2020

Mooncake Season Is Upon Us! Grab Yours Today At 99 Ranch Market!

Can you believe that it is going to be the Mid-Autumn Festival already? This traditional age-old Chinese holiday is meant to celebrate family togetherness and the season of harvest. Here at 99 Ranch Market, we proudly showcase a variety of tasty mooncake products as our way of sharing this joyous holiday with all our customers. From gift sets to a wide array of unique flavors, you can find all of your favorite mooncakes at your local 99 Ranch Market or online at 99ranch.com. 

Mei is the leading mooncake brand Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | August 19th, 2020

Share Mooncakes with Your Loved Ones

There are numerous Chinese traditional festivals throughout the year, but the Mooncake Festival is one of the most significant holidays for family and friends to bond and reunite. It is also a poetic moment to eat mooncakes and watch the full moon rise into the skies which symbolizes harmony and unity. 99 Ranch Market is now offering a large selection of mooncake gift boxes in celebration of this special festival.
You will find various traditional mooncakes such as mung bean mooncakes, lotus seed paste mooncakes, egg yolk mooncakes, and… Read more

Clementines from Chile

Given that the country is home to the world’s longest coastline AND one of the world’s most extended mountain ranges, it’s not surprising that Chile is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Surrounded by the stunning Andes Mountains to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, the vast desert to the north, and the wild Patagonia to the south, these groves are located in one of the most inspiring landscapes in the world! Chilean Citrus is grown in the north–near Ovalle and La Serena–through the Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | July 8th, 2020

Northwest Cherries – Taste the difference!🍒🍒🍒

Bringing you all the way from the NorthWest, the sweetest cherries you could find. 

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana harvest world-renowned cherries. The unique geographical conditions of the region have bred our popular Northwest cherries.

The cherry-picking season lasts from June to summer and ends at the end of August each year. The chilled cherry is really a great summer enjoyment. As a fruit, cherries have rich nutritional value. They are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, and the low-calorie qualities of cherries are a great quick snack Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | July 2nd, 2020

The Dragon Boat Festival is less than a week away, have you tried any rice dumplings, a.k.a Zongzi, yet? Sharing rice dumplings with the family is a beloved tradition of ancient Chinese culture; the consumption of rice dumplings can be traced back over 1,000 years!

In case you haven’t tried rice dumplings before, they are usually made of glutinous or sticky rice and added with various delicious ingredients, such as egg yolk, nuts, sausage, mushroom, red beans, etc. Skillful chefs can wrap all the ingredients together with certain bamboo Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | June 19th, 2020

Let’s celebrate the Rice Dumpling Festival

The Rice Dumpling Festival (an important traditional festival in many Asian countries) falls on June 25 this year. The rice dumplings, the unique food for this festival, are made by tightly wrapping bamboo leaves around glutinous rice and mung beans, peanuts, egg yolk and/or meat, etc. Let’s all enjoy some rice dumplings from 99 Ranch Market, shall we?
From traditional flavors like Mushroom Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk and Chestnut Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk, to healthy choices like Multigrain Rice Dumpling and Rice Dumpling with Lotus Seed in… Read more

Fine Print: *Promotion valid from 6/18/20 to 6/21/20 11:59pm PT for all “Ship it” purchases. Offer does not valid for Click N’ Collect services. Code must be input to receive the monetary discount advertised. Limit one use per coupon code per customer account. Code cannot be combined with any other offer. 99 Ranch Market reserves the right to extend, modify, or discontinue this offer at any time without notice.

Order away and enjoy the yummiest goodies: 99ranch.com/shop… Read more

The seasonal fruit Champagne Yellow Mango is now available at 99 Ranch Market stores in Northern California, Oregon and Washington State.
The Champagne Yellow Mango offers a sweet and delicious flavor. It’s a great idea serving the Champagne Yellow Mango as smoothies on a hot summer day.
Come visit your local 99 Ranch Market to meet this amazing fruit! Quantities are limited, while supplies last.… Read more

Lobster lovers, you don’t need to go to a fisherman at the coast for live lobsters. Just drop in at your neighbourhood 99 Ranch Market in Northern California, Oregon or Washington State, we have live lobsters in our seafood tanks.
You only need to spend some time figuring out which lobster recipe you like – Lobster Bisque, Lobster Roll, Lobster Noodles, or the simple Steamed Lobster?… Read more

Enhancing Our Routine Cleaning Standards

Cleaning service is a preventative measure for the safety and health of our staff and customers. To improve the cleanliness and hygiene of our store, 99 Ranch Market hires a third party to perform professional preventive disinfecting cleaning and sanitizing as our routine.… Read more


Job Openings now available at Northern California 99 Ranch Market Office:

Bilingual Entry-Level HR Assistant
Construction Department Coordinator

Meanwhile, All Departments of 99 Ranch Market stores in NorCal, WA, and OR are hiring NOW.
If you are interested in any of the positions, please email your resume to isabellal@tawa.com or call 510-487-8899 ext 231/ 201-699-8935 to learn more.… Read more

“Light Up Hope” – Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale

With the COVID-19 virus spreading all around the worldhundreds and thousands of lives are facing tremendous threats. During this unprecedented crisis,heroes like our medical staff and all the essential field workers are working tirelessly to protect our communities. Thus, we must be grateful and remain hopeful that, together, we will defeat the virus!   While we are not running the Mother’s Day Drawing Contest this year, 99 Ranch Market did not forget about its promise from last year’s theme. We selected our little artist Skyler Wang’s artwork that Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | April 21st, 2020

Starting April 17th, 2020, you’ll get FREE Gua-Bao Sandwiches with qualified purchases at Hot Deli Department.
With the purchase of:

A whole Roast Duck, you’ll get 10 pieces of Gua-Bao Sandwiches for free;
Half Roast Duck, you’ll get 5 pieces of Gua-Bao Sandwiches for free;
2 lbs or more of BBQ-Pork, you’ll get 10 pieces of Gua-Bao Sandwich for free.

This limited time offer is only available at stores in Northern California, Oregon and Washington State. Promotion may be terminated or changed at any time without any prior notice.… Read more

大華超市與Shipt公司合作 提供當天交貨的服務

大華超市與Shipt公司合作,使您的購物體驗更加高效便捷。 如果您是不喜或是不便攜帶繁重雜貨的購物者,或需要緊急儲存您喜歡的商品,又或者您想在這艱難的時刻待在家中,Shipt正是你需要的服務:

第一步: 選擇您的會員資格。 根據您的喜好,選擇每月或是每年訂閱付費。 第二步: 輸入您所在地址的郵政編碼,以讓系統幫您計算哪幾家零售商店可供您購物。第三步: 你還可以標註Shipt採購小幫手選擇食物時的特別指示。舉例:請選較軟的酪梨第四步: 開始在shipt網站上購物,並選擇送貨時段。舉例: 9am-10am 第五步: 結單後可以享受當天送達的便利服務!

Shipt平台非常易於使用,您只需輸入郵遞區號,系統就會計算出您能購物的零售商店。 他們提供當天交貨的快速服務,並常常提供折扣,根據您所在的位置,最快一小時就能交貨。 Shipt讓您隨時購物,大華超市近在您咫尺。

即將推出: 大華超市將在部分商店提供店內取貨以及本地到府送達的服務,以為客戶提供更多元的購物選擇。Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | March 25th, 2020

99 Ranch Market Offers Same Day Delivery with Shipt

99 Ranch Market is partnering up with Shipt to make your shopping experience more efficient and convenient. This service is for you if you are someone who has trouble carrying all the heavy groceries, a shopper who needs emergency stockup of your favorite products, or you just want to stay at home during these dire times. Shipt is the service for you. 

Step 1: Choose the subscription plan desired. Depending on your preference, Shipt offers monthly or yearly membership.Step 2: Enter your zip code for a proper calculation… Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | March 25th, 2020

In light of the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, we have designated our first business hour on weekdays to serving the elderly 60+, expectant mothers & persons with disabilities, effective Thursday, March 19th, 2020 until further notice.
The designated hour on weekdays (Monday through Friday) for each region are as follows:
Northern California*/Washington State/Oregon: 8:00AM to 9:00AM (*Except Milpitas store: 8:30AM to 9:30AM)
During these unprecedented times, 99 Ranch Market is diligently working to meet the ongoing needs of our community. The health of our nation is of… Read more



Valentine’s day Limited edition Ferrero Grand Rocher. is sure to impress. Removing the wrapper, you will find a giant, delicious milk hazelnut chocolate shell with two small Ferrero Rochers inside to enjoy. It’s a perfect gift for your sweet tooth Valentine. 


Discover the tempting flavors of Ferrero Rocher! The heart-shaped package is compact and very easy to carry. Enjoy an appetizing combination of smooth chocolaty cream, crispy wafer, and a finely chopped hazelnut. 


Choya’s Kokuto Umeshu is Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | February 13th, 2020

Happy Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival is on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Lunar Calendar. There are carnivals where families and couples will gather around and celebrate. In the carnivals, there are hundreds or even thousands of eye-catching lanterns hanging on the sides of streets. An ancient Chinese riddle game is still popular nowadays that would totally soak you up with a festival mood.
If we were to name a must eat in Lantern Festival, it would be rice balls. People eat rice balls as a wish for family… Read more

Lunar New Year Greeting-Kung Hei Fat Choy

Lunar New Year is finally here! 99 Ranch Market would like to wish everyone all the best in the Year of the Rat!
99 Ranch Market in Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State are now offering assorted New Year candy baskets for convenient gift-giving. If you are looking for the perfect gift for those cooking enthusiasts, Geomar Abalone and Dried Flower Mushroom will be your ideal choices. Moreover, We also offer a New Year Meal Combo for $218.88+TAX and can serve up to 10-12 people, so you can have… Read more

Disney On Ice-Mickey’s Search Party

Disney On Ice Presents Mickey’s Search Party! Come with your friends, family and Disney characters Toy Story gang, Coco, Moana, Elsa…get closer to the magic than ever before!
99 Ranch Market presents Family Nights, may purchase at Special Promotion discount rate designated ticket outlet list below. Selected performances at SAP Center at San Jose on February 22nd & 23rd, and Oakland Arena on February 29th & March 1st. (Special discount price $31). Reserve your tickets today! For more information please contact SDS 650-579-0388 or Bravo 626-287-4588.
Show Time and Read more

Authentic Taiwanese GUAVA available at CA & TX stores!

Great news! The Taiwanese Guava is NOW AVAILABLE at all CA and TX 99 Ranch Markets! Here’s a little introduction, Guava is a popular tropical fruit with a distinct flavor and lots of Vitamin C and fiber. The “Peral Guava” originated from Taiwan is known for its natural aroma, the fruit is full of meat and with a crispy texture, it’s well-suited for all age customers. To a lot of our Taiwanese customers, Guava often reminds them of the taste of their childhood memories. Ever since the import of Read more

NEWS & EVENTS, BLOG | January 23rd, 2020