Posted by 99 RANCH MARKET on 09/06/2018.

The Mooncake Festival is a time for families to get together and celebrate with dessert - Mooncake.  99 Ranch Market is proud to present a wide variety of mooncakes and seasonal fruits for your shopping delight.

IMei produces a wide selection of mooncakes such as green bean cake and yolk pastry.

Tao Tao Ju has a long history in mooncake production. It’s now using the new ingredient Trehalose to replace conventional granulated sugar for you to enjoy the Mooncake Festival in a healthier way.

Lily brand mooncakes with wide variety of products like Bean Paste, Mix Nuts, Lotus Seed, and Durian, every bite is full of flavors.

New style mooncakes are also available at 99 Ranch Market, such as lava custard mooncake, ice mochi mooncake, fruity flavors mooncake and so on.

Seasonal fruits are also available at 99 Ranch Market including, Sungold kiwi, white peach, longan, grapes and more.

Mooncakes are available now at Northern California, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington State stores! To learn more, please inquire with your local 99 Ranch Market.

Posted by 99 RANCH MARKET on 09/06/2018.

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