Posted by 99 RANCH MARKET on 06/08/2018.

This year, the Rice Dumpling Festival (an important traditional festival in many Asian countries) is happening on June 18th. The Rice Dumpling, the unique food for this festival, is made by tightly wrapping bamboo leaves around glutinous rice and mung bean, peanuts, egg yolk and/or meat, etc. Let’s all enjoy some rice dumplings from 99 Ranch Market Northern California, Oregon and Washington State stores.

From traditional flavors like Mushroom Rice Dumpling with Egg Yolk and Taiwanese Style Rice Dumpling, to healthy choices like Multigrain Rice Dumpling and Rice Dumpling with Lotus Seed in Red Bean Paste, to even the trendy Hakka Rice Dumpling, I-Mei has an almost limitless selection for you to explore! For calorie watchers, try the refreshing and tasty Black Rice and Peanut Rice Dumpling or Rice Dumpling with Jujube and Chinese Yam from Synear; both are no-meat, low-calorie options. 

We also provide different styles of ready to eat Rice Dumplings in our Hot Deli department, such as Shanghai Style, Taiwanese Style, Cantonese style, Sweet style and Edible Alkali style. Make sure to grab some rice dumplings before going to check out!

Posted by 99 RANCH MARKET on 06/08/2018.

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