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Manager:                    Mr. David Lee

Assistant Manager:      Ms. Sonia Hsieh                                                                Mr. Jin Jie Lin

Hours of Operation:     9:00 AM – 9:00 PM                                                           (7 Days a Week)




店長:                          Mr. Albert Lam                                                                  Mr. David Lee

副店長:                       Ms. Sonia Hsieh                                                                Mr. Jin Jie Lin

營業時間:                   上午9點至晚上9點(每週7天營業)

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Store Departments 本店特色:1. Produce                   4. Grocery                                     2. Seafood                   5. Hot Deli                                   3. Meat & Poultry         6. Bakery


包括蔬果部, 海產部, 肉部, 雜貨部, 熟食部, 烘焙坊


99 Ranch Market is centered on different restaurants helping you enjoy your shopping experience. 



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Thanksgiving Meal Combo

99 Ranch Market in Northern California and Washington State has just the best turkey meal combo in town! We provide a party set A for big party of 10-12, while a light portion set B for party for 6-8. Please place your orders two days in advance for our chef preparing your ultimate combo. For details, please visit your neighborhood 99 Ranch Market locations.