99 Ranch Market Springs Into Action at the American Heart Association’s Orange County 5K Heart Walk [大華超級市場參與美國心臟協會舉辦的橙縣5里路步行活動]


Anaheim, CA

99 Ranch Market Springs Into Action at the American Heart Association’s Orange County 5K Heart Walk [大華超級市場參與美國心臟協會舉辦的橙縣5里路步行活動] Banner

99 Ranch Market Springs Into Action

At the American Heart Association’s Orange County 5K Heart Walk

With Spring coming up, 99 Ranch Market went outside for some fun under the sun while supporting the American Heart Association’s Orange County Heart Walk on March 8th, 2014. Did you know that heart disease and stroke are the #1 and #4 killer of men and women? 99 Ranch Market had over 150 employees and their families gather together to form “Team 99 Ranch” and joined forces with the American Heart Association to raise awareness and help fight these diseases. The OC Heart Walk this year was a 5K Walk that took place at the Angels Stadium in Anaheim, California. 99 Ranch Market walked alongside 10,000 participants from other participating businesses from the Orange County area such as Union Bank, Walgreens, and UC Irvine Health, all for a good cause. As a part of the company's core values, 99 Ranch Market’s Tawa Charitable Foundation donated $10,000 to the American Heart Association in hopes for continued research and resources in fighting off heart disease and stroke.

The Orange County 5K Heart Walk showcased special events such as a Survivor Walk for those who had successfully fought off heart disease and strokes, a Kids Zone for younger walkers to seek shade and rest, and a Pet Zone for the dogs and cats to cool down from the SoCal sun. Other exciting highlights included Eat Street, a refreshment center set up for walkers to rehydrate and refuel, a T-Shirt Design Contest for all participants to spread healthy spirit, and a company expo area for all participating sponsors, including 99 Ranch Market, to share the spirit of health with all participants. 99 Ranch Market introduced many attendees to the supermarket, its history, and its prominence throughout the West Coast as a leader in the Asian supermarket industry. Staff passed out 99 Ranch Market oranges, bananas, green tea and mochi, plus branded sports visors as a helpful reminder in exercising proper sun protection. This event was a chance to not only unite with other admirable names to spread awareness for such critical health related issues, but also an opportunity for 99 Ranch Market to reach out and connect with people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, and communities.

This year, 99 Ranch Market is celebrating its 30th anniversary, a milestone that marks three decades of top quality items and exceptional customer service to its local communities. To celebrate, 99 Ranch Market is holding its 2014 30th Year Anniversary Sweepstakes in all 20 participating stores throughout Southern California, Nevada, and Texas. This year’s sweepstakes will consist of two parts: Spring Sweepstakes (running from February 28th to June 28th) and Fall Sweepstakes (running from July 18th to October 11th), with over $300,000 worth of prizes to give away. Prize drawing dates will take place on July 12th and October 25th respectively. To enter in the Spring sweepstakes, simply visit your closest 99 Ranch Market location to fill out an entry form or visit here for details.



為了迎接春天的到來, 大華超市積極帶領大家走到陽光下來參與有趣的戶外活動,同時支持美國心臟協會201438日在橙縣步行活動。你知道嗎,心臟疾病和中風是分別男人和女人健康的頭號和第四大殺手? 大華超市這次有超過150名員工和他們的家人聚集在一起,組成大華團隊;並與美國心臟協會聯手,以提高和幫助大家對抗這些疾病的意識。今年的5裏路步行活動將在加州安那罕市的天使球場舉行。這次有超過10,000人參與這提倡健康的活動;除大華超市外,還有橙縣地區其他企業參加;如聯合銀行,沃爾格林藥店,和加州大學爾灣分校。作為公司核心價值的一部分, 大華超市慈善基金會為美國心臟協會捐贈了1萬美元,希望繼續在對抗心臟疾病和中風的研究和資源研發中盡一份力。 


今年, 正是大華超市慶祝其成立30週年,其意義深遠,這標誌著三十年來為當地的社區提供高品質產品和出色的客戶服務。為了慶祝三十周年慶;大華超市在南加州,內華達州和德州的20家分店舉辦201430週年慶回饋大抽獎活動。今年的抽獎活動將分為兩次:春季抽獎活動(自228日至628日)和秋季抽獎活動(自718日至1011日) ,有超過價值30萬美元的獎品送出。抽獎日期將於712日和1025日。 只要至您家最近的大華超市填寫抽獎表就有機會獲獎,或瀏覽這裡了解詳情。