Back to School --- Save More, Enjoy More, Share More [開學啦!---- 新學期,更多歡樂,美味齊分享]


Northern California and Washington

Back to School --- Save More, Enjoy More, Share More [開學啦!---- 新學期,更多歡樂,美味齊分享] Banner

After enjoying an exciting and relaxing summer break, are you ready to go back to school, see your friends, make new friends and enjoy the college live?

It is the time for you to enjoy snacks, preparing meals, studying and sharing experiences with your friends again!

99 Ranch Market is offering a lot of discounted products to help you save more on your budgetwith a back-to-school promotion from August 15th to 28th. The promotion offers a variety of snacks, convenience foods, daily necessities, beverages, etc. Don’t miss the chance, please buy more food ingredients, snacks, drinks for the new semester, and enjoy the cooking experiences together with your friends!

99 Ranch Market also provides a lot of featured items on sale, such as Calpico Drinks, S&B Golden Curry Sauce, Nongshim Bowl Noodles, CP Shrimp Wonton Soup, Kimbo Frozen Pasta Cake, Lotte Pepero, I Mei Cream Wafer, Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, Triple M Fried Crispy Seaweed, 99 Formosa Rose Rice Fancy, LKK Premium Oyster, Kikkoman Hon Tsuyu Soup Base, My Scheming Mask, Ikeda Rice Cooker/Warmer, Helperware Thermal Cooker and etc.

99 Ranch Market is your awesome choice that helps to balance your budget on preparing the healthy and delicious meals for you and your friends!

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這次參加特賣活動的商品有:可爾必思飲料、S&B咖喱醬包、農心碗麵、鮮蝦雲吞湯、金寶餡餅、樂天巧克力棒、義美夾心酥、Haggen Dazs 冰淇淋、海苔酥、九九加州蓬萊米、李錦記舊庄蠔油、萬字調味汁、我的心機面膜、池田電飯鍋、好幫手燜燒鍋等等。