Asian Food Festival [舞動韓風迎聖誕大華超市爾灣Culver Dr.分店舉辦亞洲美食節暨韓國產品精選]


Irvine, CA

Asian Food Festival [舞動韓風迎聖誕大華超市爾灣Culver Dr.分店舉辦亞洲美食節暨韓國產品精選] Banner


99 Ranch Market hosts Asian Food Festival and Korean Food Extravaganza December 8thand 9th

Come on down to 99 Ranch Market in Irvine to enjoy authentic Asian cuisine as we host our Asian Food Festival, a Korean Food Extravaganza, on December 8th and 9th.  This can’t-miss event goes from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with special sale items, food demonstrations, balloon animal twister and many more fun games and free prizes!

We will have specials on a wide variety of Asian cuisine including fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood, mouth-watering Desir Bakery baked goods and delicious cooked meats. Hot specialty foods that will be on sale this weekend are: Hanasia Korean BBQ sauce, spicy sauce for rice cake, rice cake, soy bean paste, hot pepper paste/ mixed bean paste, and Korean kimchi. Our healthy snacks are always customers’ favorite. We will have special sales on Hanasia seasoned seaweed, Aloe Vera drink, Lotte Choco pie and custard cakes. Don’t forget to check out Desir Bakery.  We will have specials on freshly baked honey cake, red bean honey cake, green tea honey cake and Alps cheese cake. Our Hot Deli will have specials on marinated whole chicken, BBQ pork steamed bun and honey BBQ pork. Specials in produce include Korean brown Shinko pear, chestnut and Nagaimo. We will have fresh salmon, Chilean seabass, and peeled and deveined white shrimp in our Seafood department.  Don’t forget to grab meat specials on brown chicken, marinated pork, and baby pork back rib. We will have specials in every department.

Also only this weekend, you can receive a free reusable bag when you spend $50 or more! There will have special pricing for DynaSky pre-paid phone cards: 2 for only $25 with any purchase of $20. Do not miss this event, enjoy your shopping! We will be celebrating the festival with great sales throughout the store, food demonstrations, fun games and prizes, balloon animals, and Do-It-Yourself classes. We hope to see you there!

99 Ranch Market is located at 15333 Culver Dr. #800 Irvine, CA92714. Tel:949-651-8899. Business hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Saturday and Sunday: 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-800-600-TAWA (8292) or online at


大華超市爾灣Culver Dr.分店舉辦亞洲美食節暨韓國產品精選

要想品嚐經典的亞洲美食嗎? 就請到大華超級市爾灣Culver Dr.分店,將於12月8日至9日(10:00 AM to 5:00 PM),舉辦亞洲美食節韓國產品精選活動。推廣期內,大華超市搜集亞洲各式美食,新鮮蔬果及魚肉,黛絲烘焙坊糕點,熟食部特價燒臘;讓大家於美食展期間,品嚐最新鮮,高品質美食。

舞動韓風 .特色美食






特價商品,應有盡有。大華超市還準備了豐富的節目;12月8日- 12月9日;凡購物滿$40元就有機會參加轉輪盤,送禮品活動;購物滿$20*元,可以優惠價格購買電話卡;可以$25元選擇購買價值$20元的擎天故鄉情電話卡两張;買滿$50送環保袋一個,數量有限,送完爲止。還有輿李錦記大廚面對面,教您煮美味佳餚;大華DIY 美食課程;讓您自己動手學做美食;還有動物氣球表演;玩遊戲,贏獎品。各式亞洲美食試吃攤位;讓您樂透透;來大華超市爾灣 Culver Dr.分店,一起感受亞洲美食,將美食帶回家 。大華超級市場爾灣Culver Dr.分店營業時間: 周一至周五上午9點至晚上9點,週六週日8時30分至晚上9點;地址: 15333 Culver Dr. #800Irvine,CA92714, 電話: 949-651-8899 。顧客服務專線 1-800-600-TAWA(8292), 或上網