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Mission Statement

To provide our customers with high quality products at competitive pricing and a superior shopping experience that are achieved by our effective distribution and merchandising of Asian and American products, strong relationships with local vendors and our passion for our customers.  

大華超市的使命是 致力於為廣大的消費者提供高品質、具有競爭力價格的產品以及舒適的購物環境;並投入高度的熱情與當地的供應商和消費者建立了良好的關係,以實現有效率採購亞洲和美洲產品。

About Us

99 Ranch Market was established in 1984, with its first store in Westminster (Little Saigon), California. With the support of our loyal customers and hardworking employees, we have grown to become the largest Asian supermarket chain in the United States, with over 35 store locations in California, Nevada, Texas and Washington State.

Our success in the supermarket industry has made us more than just a typical grocery chain store – we have come to stand for a way of doing things:

• Honesty and Integrity- We gain trust and respect from our customers by demonstrating honesty and integrity in our business.
• Respecting Others- We value and solicit feedbacks from our customers and employees to enhance our business.
• High Quality Products- We build strong relationships with local vendors to ensure the freshness and quality of our products.
• Competitive Pricing- We offer high quality goods at competitive prices while providing a friendly and comfortable shopping environment.
• Health and Safety- The health and safety of our customers and employees are our highest priorities.
• Superior Customer Service- We strive to ensure our customer service will always be above our competitors’ standard because we would not be where we are at today if it wasn’t for our loyal repeat customers.
• Employee Appreciation- We value our employees’ loyalty and commitment to the company, and we firmly believe our employees are the foundation to our company’s success.
• Continuous Innovation- We actively implement new business strategies to ensure the continuous growth of the company.
• Community Involvement- We actively give back to the community by staying connected to the neighborhoods where we live and work. We collaborate with community members who share our vision and commitment to building safer, stronger, and better educated communities.

We strive on providing a superior one-stop shopping experience for our customers and take pride in bringing our customers the highest quality products at competitive prices. When customers purchase from 99 Ranch Market, they can be sure that the freshness and quality of our products and the level of customer service will always be above our competitors’ standards. We now proudly serve customers from all over the world.


大華超市,於1984年在加州素有小西貢之稱的西敏市成立了第一家大華超級市場。在我們的忠實消費者和勤奮員工的支持下, 大華已經發展成為是美國最大的亞裔連鎖超市,有超過35家分店分佈在加州,內華達州,德州和華盛頓州。


• 誠信經營 - 以誠懇可信的服務態度,贏取消費者的信任和尊重。
• 尊重他人 - 重視並徵求客戶和員工的意見,以提高我們的服務水平。
• 優質產品 - 與當地供應商建立良好的關係,以確保我們的產品的新鮮和品質。
• 價格競爭力 - 維持價格競爭優勢,提供優質產品,同時給消費者一個舒適的購物環境。
• 健康與安全 - 客戶和員工的健康和安全是我們的首要任務。
• 優良的客戶服務 - 確保我們的客戶服務標準永遠高於其他競爭對手,成為消費者購物的首選。
• 關懷員工 - 信任和重視員工對公司的忠誠度,因為堅信員工是我們的成功的基石
• 創新求變 - 不斷推行新的經營策略,以確保公司持續成長。
• 回饋社區 - 積極參與社區活動和保持社區聯繫。我們與社區成員分享我們的願景和承諾,以建立更安全,更強大,更好的教育社區,以回饋關懷社區


Our Committed and Dedicated Employees

With over 35 stores nationwide, our employees are dedicated to providing superior customer service and committed to servicing thousands of customers of all ethnic backgrounds. Our merchandise managers work with local suppliers to bring our customers the freshest and highest quality products.  Our store managers are key personnel who effectively lead a large group of talented employees in several departments within each store.  Team building and leadership development are essential skills we push our employees to excel in.  Numerous opportunities for employee growth plus great employee benefits are what attract many applicants each year to apply for various retail positions at both the store level and retail management level here at 99 Ranch Market.