New Cupertino Store is Coming Soon [大華超級市場Cupertino De Anza新店即將開幕]


Cupertino, CA

New Cupertino Store is Coming Soon [大華超級市場Cupertino De Anza新店即將開幕] Banner


New Cupertino Store is Coming Soon

99 Ranch Market is going to open its 2nd store in Cupertino to meet the increasing demand for high quality food products and services where the population, especially the Asian group, has been increasing during the recent years.The Cupertino De Anza Store is located at 10425 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014. It is conveniently located near the entrance of freeway 280 and 85.

This new store location will provide a great opportunity for local consumers, loyal or new, to come in and experience the best of 99 Ranch Market, including 99 Ranch’s popular hot deli, fresh meat and seafood specialties. 99 Ranch Market also values the importance of the community’s vitality and educational programs. On April 9, 2013, 99 Ranch Market organized a grocery shopping day at its existing store in Cupertino and donated 3% of the store’s sales that day to the Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation. The new De Anza store is therefore committed to becoming another active partner in the community of Cupertino.

The Cupertino De Anza store also provides free steam service for crabs, lobsters and fry fish service to satisfy various Asian cooking styles. The Hot Deli department offers daily, ready-to-eat meal combos, including Hong Kong style Dim Sum, freshly cooked noodles and steamed pre-packs. The artisan bakery provides customers with their favorite breads, pastries, and cakes for all occasions. There are more varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables displaying in the extended Produce section, including more local grown fruits and vegetables. The new store will provide high quality products and one-stop shopping experience to our customers in order to meet their expectations.

The new store will be open seven days a week from 9:00am to 9:00pm. There are a lot of discount items offering at the new Cupertino store. Customers will enjoy special savings during the store’s Grand Opening. We look forward to seeing you at our new store in Cupertino. For inquiries, please call 510-487-8899 or visit our website:

大華超級市場Cupertino De Anza新店即將開幕

大華超級市場於1997年在Cupertino開設第一家分店。隨著Cupertino市的亞裔人口逐步增長,爲了滿足當地日益增加的需求和更好地服務當地社區,大華超市將在Cupertino De Anza新增第二家分店,當地社區翹首以盼。大華超市Cupertino De Anza 分店位於10425 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014。該店的裝修工程已經接近尾聲,即將開業服務當地社區。新店位置交通便利,前面更有大型停車場,店內裝潢華麗,購物環境舒適優雅。

Cupertino De Anza新店將會在延續固有的經營模式上,加入一些新的買點,務求為顧客提供更完美的服務,滿足顧客的要求。新店將提供各種亞洲美食和中西雜貨;爲了滿足亞洲顧客的飲食習慣,除了提供免費炸魚服務之外,更免費提供蒸蟹和蒸龍蝦的服務;延續自助式餐飲,同時推出多款新穎套餐,提供堂食和外賣;蔬果部擁有更大的擺設空間,精選更多本土生長的新鮮時令蔬果,提供更多健康選擇,滿足當地顧客對健康食品的更高要求;時尚飲品搭配新鮮烘焙糕點,為顧客提供更多元化的產品和一站式的購物體驗。

新店開業期間,顧客可以享受更多購物優惠。Cupertino De Anza 新店將聯同Cupertino現有分店推出一連串的店內推廣活動。大華超級市場期待您的光臨和惠顧。媒體廣告的宣傳或瀏覽